In an effort to incentivize area college students to transfer into the various bachelor’s degree programs offered at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) will be offering a special, $500 “JumpStart Scholarship” to all newly enrolled, undergraduate students who start their studies at the campus this spring.

The $500 scholarship will be provided to incoming undergraduate students for the spring 2024 semester and applied to their accounts, once the students are registered for classes. The scholarship is available to new students who enroll in at least nine credit hours in any of the undergraduate programs offered by our partner universities at USG. To be eligible, students must complete and submit a USG Scholarship Application by December 31, 2023. These scholarships will only be applied for the spring 2024 semester and cannot be used for any other semester. Students who receive the scholarships will also be automatically considered for other scholarships available at USG and are eligible to apply for additional scholarships for USG's partner universities.

USG is not a single university, but a regional higher education center of the University System of Maryland (USM), in Montgomery County, that offers both undergraduate and graduate programs from nine top state universities within the system. For the undergraduate programs, USG’s partner universities offer third- and fourth-year coursework toward bachelor’s degree completion. The programs are specifically designed to serve transfer students who begin at other colleges, including, most often, those who transfer from Montgomery College.

“Through our nine partner universities, USG offers a wide array of in-demand degree programs that are geared toward meeting the economic and workforce needs of our region,” said Dr. Anne Khademian, Executive Director of USG and Associate Vice Chancellor of USM. “We want more students to be aware of the phenomenal opportunities that are available at USG for students to earn their degrees and launch great careers, right here in our community. These new JumpStart Scholarships are aimed at bringing more students in to achieve those very goals.”

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