Each Wednesday at noon on the USG campus, UMBC-Shady Grove hosts a series of discussion group meetings focused around issues explored in the ironically named I Hate Politics podcast, hosted by Dr. Sunil Dasgupta, UMBC’s political science program director at USG. Community members across USG and beyond gather in person and virtually to talk about issues impacting lives in our community and across the greater Washington, D.C. region. 

Attendees engage in lively debates, discuss current events, and make it a working lunch over pizza that is provided each week. Community member David Fishback shared, “I began attending the ‘I Hate Politics Unpacked’ sessions late last year and found them fascinating. Sunil’s depth of knowledge on local issues is breathtaking and the perspectives of others who attend helped me gain a greater understanding of the challenges our community faces.”

Recent podcast episodes include “Can Government Alone Create Housing Affordability?” and “New FAFSA Form Delays College Aid Decisions”. If you’re interested in learning more about area schools, transportation systems, the environment, communities, and local and state government, join UMBC-Shady Grove for one or more sessions this semester. Register here. Discussions are open to all--students, faculty, staff, and community members are welcome.

I Hate Politics represents UMBC’s commitment to civic education and engagement as a bedrock of our democracy. You can listen to I Hate Politics on all major streaming platforms, or on the podcast website.