Even though we could not be in-person to celebrate the hardwork and achievements of the students at USG, we still wanted to recognize and congratulate them on all that they have achieved. We have created a video message from USG Executive Director, Dr. Stewart Edelstein, and the intended keynote speaker, Roya Mohadjer. There is also a blog post by the intended student speaker, Julie Resendiz, and links to student profiles by award. 

The Academic Achievement Award is given to outstanding undergraduate seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence, based on their grade point average, participation in internships and honor societies, and contributions to their program of study.

The Student Leadership and Service Award is given to two undergraduate seniors who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, service and dedication to USG and the community at large. These recipients were selected based on participation in extracurricular activities, community service and their commitment to their fellow students. 

The Academic and Community Excellence Award celebrates graduate and professional students who have made outstanding contributions to their community in the areas of scholarship, service, and leadership,

Our sincerest congratulations to the Academic Achievement, Leadership and Service and Academic and Community Excellence Award winners! We look forward to hearing about their future successes.