When the Universities at Shady Grove started collaborating with Montgomery County Public Schools and Montgomery College on a joint effort to ensure that students emerge with key career-ready skills, they wanted a brand name for the initiative that would resonate strongly with students and employers alike.

Thus was born the name “Hire U,” a cleverly coined initiative that will help students build their skill sets in nine key career-readiness competency areas that employers across a wide variety of industries have identified as pivotal to any professional’s ability to succeed in the workplace.

This fall, as Hire U goes from being a pilot program to implementation on a campus-wide basis, all students at USG are urged to track their success in mastering the nine career competencies by downloading the Suitable app on their smart phones.

More information for students about the Hire U program, including how to download the Suitable app and a listing of the nine career competencies can be found on the USG website.