Upcoming Workshops

Scheduled workshops for the spring semester have now ended. Check back in late summer for the fall workshop schedule. You can still request any of our workshops on demand for yourself or a small group. Fill out this form to schedule a workshop with a librarian. See workshop descriptions below. 

Information & Resources from the Workshops

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Workshop Descriptions

ArcGIS Online & Story Maps

Learn how to create digital maps, combining them with photos, text, video, and audio, to tell a story.

Data Visualization with Tableau

Create charts, maps, and dashboards using Tableau, a data discovery and business intelligence tool.


Build an ePortfolio - an innovative way to showcase your professional and academic skills and experiences in an online format.

Excel - Functions, Tables & Charts

Covers functions and formatting, plus pivot tables to analyze and present your data.


Share data using images via user-friendly and free software.

Introduction to R Programming

Analyze and visualize data and statistics with this powerful and versatile programming language. Beginners welcome!

Introduction to SPSS

Learn the basics of data entry, management, analysis and reporting.

Introduction to Systematic Reviews

Explore the basics of conducting a systematic review, including tips, tools and ways librarians can collaborate with you.

Presentations with Powerpoint

Presentations causing you anxiety? Learn how to create and deliver an effective presentation.

Research Posters

Learn how to use PowerPoint to transform research into a poster. Discuss content guidelines, design, and presentation tips.

Search Strategies for Systematic Reviews

Craft a comprehensive, yet precise string of search terms and syntax to get the information you need from databases.

Self-Editing Skills for Academic Writing

Submit better papers every time with these self-editing skills.

Storytelling with Data

Create data visualizations that tell a compelling story. Bring a link to your own data set, or use one provided by the library.

Systematic Review Tools

Get acquainted with the tools available to support the various steps of a systematic review.

Time Management: Back to Campus

Learn to rebalance your life now that you're back on campus part or full-time.

Time Management: Online Organization

Organize your life with techniques, apps, and resources to navigate the online world.

Writing and Citing with APA

Learn how the online software Academic Writer can help with organizing your sources, writing a group paper and checking your citations in APA style.


Explore how the citation manager Zotero can help you cite and create a bibliography for your research paper and more.