Mission Statement

USG provides a comfortable space to students, faculty, and staff for qualified personal use such as a lactation room for nursing mothers to breastfeed and/or express milk and a private room for attending minor medical issues.

There are two Wellness Room's located in room III-3236 and IV-1302.  In order to access either rooms, please contact:

  • Erin Ward at eward9@umd.edu, x6376, or 301-738-6376 (Administration)
  • Andrea Milo at amilo@umd.edu, x6217, or 301-738-6217 (Student Services)
  • Eileen Harrington at eharring@umd.edu, x6127, or 301-738-6127 (Priddy Library)
  • John Brandt at jbrandt@umd.edu, x6021, or 301-738-6021 (Safety & Security Office)
  • Steven Thompson at sthomp16@umd.edu, x6349, or 301-738-6349 (Conference & Events Services)
  • Security Information Desk at x6065, or 301-738-6065

Access the Lactation Facilities Policy.