Federal law and UMD/USG Policy requires that the Title IX Liaison receive notice of all reports of sexual misconduct. This means that all disclosures of different types of sexual misconduct shared with a "Responsible University Employee," must be reported to the USG's Title IX Liaison.

A Responsible Employee includes all University administrators, supervisors, faculty members, coaches, and trainers. It also includes individuals who are perceived as having the authority or duty to take action or to report sexual misconduct to the University. A Responsible University Employee who receives a report of sexual misconduct must promptly notify the Title IX Liaison of the report.

The USG Title IX Liaison will work collaboratively with the reporting entity and Partner Institution Title IX Coordinator (s) with discretion to maintain the privacy of all persons involved. Please note, USG will always take immediate action when we believe that there is a threat of imminent harm.

Prompt Reporting is strongly encouraged in order to maximize USG's ability to work with Partner Institutions.