The USG Title IX Liaison assists Partner Institution Title IX Coordinators to navigate the unique structure of USG and helps them connect with each other when involved in an inter-institutional case.

Reports made to the USG Title IX Liaison will generally be referred to the appropriate Home Institution Title IX Coordinator. USG Title IX Liaison Contact Information - Michael Wahl, Public Safety and Security Manager; (301) 738-6021,

Complaints or inquiries regarding Sexual Misconduct may to made to any Partner Institution Title IX Coordinator, Title IX Team Member, or other Responsible Employee. Please click on the appropriate links below for inquiries or complaints to your Home Institution Title IX Coordinator or the Office of Civil Rights:

External complaints or inquiries regarding Title IX, including Sexual Misconduct, may be made to the US Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights (OCR)

Prompt reporting is strongly encouraged in order to maximize USG's ability to work with Partner Institutions.