Sexual Misconduct Image

Image Source: UMD Office of Civil Rights & Sexual Misconduct

Prohibited Conduct*

Sexual misconduct definitions below are simplified for increased understanding. For the specific UMD policy definitions of prohibited conduct, read UMD Sexual Misconduct Policy & Procedures.

  • Retaliation - Refers to action that is taken against an individual because they reported discrimination or sexual misconduct, filed a complaint of discrimination or sexual misconduct or participated in an investigation or proceeding concerning a discrimination or sexual misconduct complaint. Retaliation in any form is prohibited
  • Stalking - A course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear
  • Sexual intimidation - Threats to sexually assault, indecent exposure
  • Relationship Violence - Abusive or coercive behavior within a dating or intimate relationship intended to control the other party, may be threats of violence, threatening behavior, etc.
  • Sexual exploitation - Taking advantage of someone sexually by electronically recording or taking photos of a person without their consent of intimate body parts, etc.
  • Sexual harassment - Harassing behavior of a sexual nature that either 1) creates a hostile work environment, or 2) presents a “this for that” abuse of power dynamic of a sexual nature
  • Sexual assault II - Unwanted touching of intimate body parts
  • Sexual assault I - Also referred to as rape, meaning penetration however slight of the vagina, anus or mouth

*Source: UMD Office of Civil Rights & Sexual Misconduct