Professional Visitor Parking

If you are a professional visitor to the Universities at Shady Grove, please park in the Traville Gateway Garage located at the intersection of Traville Gateway Drive and Darnestown Road.  You will need to take a ticket upon entering the garage.  Pay stations are located at the foot entrance of the garage.


Your vehicle may be towed by our neighbors if you do not park in a USG parking garage or marked USG surface lot. Do not park in the Giant grocery store parking lot or the roads leading into the campus. 


Please be aware that campus construction may not be reflected on the maps. 


If your parking is validated by the department your are visiting, you will need both your original ticket and validation ticket to exit the garage.  Insert your original ticket and validation ticket (in that order) into the pay station.  The pay station will return your original ticket, which you can insert at the exit gate.