Types of Positions


Regular funded positions include full benefits such as leave, health, and retirement.


Exempt positions are managerial, administrative and professional in nature. They are salaried positions that are not subject to the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Exempt employees are ineligible to receive overtime; a full-time commitment typically requires a minimum of 80 hours per bi-weekly pay period.


Nonexempt positions are support positions in maintenance, office, service and technical/paraprofessional areas. These positions are subject to the minimum wage and overtime pay provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). They are paid on an hourly basis and must be paid overtime for time worked that exceeds 40 hours in the standard workweek.

Contingent 1

Contingent 1 positions are non-regular in nature, paid on an hourly basis. The Contingent 1 position may be seasonal or intermittent in nature, and the agreement shall be for a term of six months or fewer. Contingent 1 employees are ineligible for benefits pursuant to Board of Regents policy. Departments may hire a Contingent I employee without a competitive selection process as long as minimum qualifications are met.

Contingent 2

Contingent 2 positions are non-regular in nature. A contingent agreement is for a term of more than six months, but no more than twelve months. A minimum level of benefits is guaranteed for Contingent 2 employees under applicable Board of Regents policy; additional benefits may be negotiated at the discretion of the department up to the level of the similarly-situated regular employee. Contingent 2 vacancies require a competitive selection process.

Graduate Assistant

Graduate Assistant positions are available to registered graduate students enrolled in a degree program at UMCP. There are three categories of graduate assistant: teaching assistant (TA), research assistant (RA), and administrative assistant (AA).

Grant Funded

Grant funded positions include full benefits unless otherwise specified. Grant funded positions are contingent upon renewal of the grant.


Faculty positions are academic positions that involve teaching, research, scholarship, artistic creativity or academic administration. These positions may include benefits as determined by the type and funding.