USG lost and found property is arranged, below, by the date it was found and turned in.  The list is updated regularly, but If your property was lost and turned in more recently than the most recent date on this list, it would still be at the Security Desk in B-III.  If we don't have your property, please check again later as items are often not found and/or turned in for several days.  To reclaim lost property, note your Property Number (P-XXXX) and call 301-738-6065 (B-III Guard Desk).  Older found property may have been moved to long term storage, where it is generally available to be claimed during weekday business hours.   

Note: We DO NOT store perishable food items.

Property Number Date Found Location Found Property Description Status
P-4599       Returned
P-4598       Returned
P-4597       Returned
P-4596       Returned
P-4595 01/15/21 Lot 5 Sunglasses  
P-4594       Returned
P-4593       Returned
P-4592       Returned
P-4591 11/02/2020 B-II Notebook and BLS Card (Sophavann Ros)  
P-4590       Returned
P-4589 11/09/2020 B-III, 2nd Floor Notebook  
P-4588       Returned
P-4587       Returned
P-4586 10/23/2020 B-IV, 3rd Floor Floor Plans  
P-4585       Returned
P-4584       Returned
P-4583       Returned
P-4582       Returned
P-4581       Returned
P-4580 09/17/2020 BSE Bathroom 6 keys on ring  
P-4579       Returned
P-4578       Returned
P-4577       Returned
P-4576       Returned
P-4540-4575 Not Used       Not Used
P-4539 03/17/2020 B-I, 3rd Floor Water bottle  
P-4538       Returned
P-4537 03/12/2020 BSE Exterior Scarf  
P-4536 03/12/2020 BSE License, ID & Debit Card (Vito Ferrara)  
P-4535 03/11/2020 Priddy Library Eyeglasses & soft case  
P-4534 03/11/2020 Priddy Library Dayplanner (spirl bound)  
P-4533       Returned
P-4532 03/11/2020 Priddy Library Wireless Mouse  
P-4531 03/10/2020 BSE Exterior USG ID (Tracey Heckel)  
P-4530 03/09/2020 B-III Exterior Water bottle  
P-4529       Returned
P-4528 03/05/2020 B-III; Student Services    
P-4527       Returned
P-4526 03/04/2020 Shady Grove Garage Small key on rings  
P-4525 03/02/2020 III-3241 3-ring-binder (COMM425?)  
P-4524       Returned
P-4523 03/02/2020 B-III Lunch Box (soft-sided)  

Anything previous to this date is no longer retained.

Property is only stored for twelve (12) months.