USG lost and found property is arranged, below, by the date it was found and turned in.  The list is updated regularly, but If your property was lost and turned in more recently than the most recent date on this list, it would still be at the Security Desk in B-III.  If we don't have your property, please check again later as items are often not found and/or turned in for several days.  To reclaim lost property, note your Property Number (P-XXXX) and call 301-738-6065 (B-III Guard Desk).  Older found property may have been moved to long term storage, where it is generally available to be claimed during weekday business hours.   

Note: We DO NOT store perishable food items.

Property Number Date Found Location Found Property Description Status
P-4826       Not Used
P-4825       Not Used
P-4824 03/15/23 B-II Eye Glasses  
P-4823       Returned
P-4822       Returned
P-4821 03/08/23 B-IV Samsung Ear Pods  
P-4820       Returned
P-4819       Returned
P-4818       Returned
P-4817       Released
P-4816       Returned
P-4815       Returned
P-4814       Returned
P-4813 02/16/23 B-III USG ID Card (Losada)  
P-4812 02/16/23 B-III, Student Services Water Bottle  
P-4811       Returned
P-4810       Returned
P-4809 02/03/23 B-III Earbud  
P-4808 02/03/23 B-III, Classroom 3203 Water Bottle  
P-4807 02/02/23 B-IV One Earbud  
P-4806 02/01/23 B-IV, Classroom 4201 Jacket  
P-4805       Returned
P-4804 02/01/23 B-III, Classroom 2203 Watter Bottle  
P-4803       Returned
P-4802       Returned
P-4801 01/25/23 B-IV Laptop Charger  
P-4800 01/25/23 Priddy Library Scarf  
P-4799       Returned
P-4798 12/11/22 B-III Agenda Book  
P-4797       Returned
P-4796       Returned
P-4795 11/29/22 B-III Silver Jacket  
P-4794 11/29/22 Priddy Library Padlock  
P-4793 11/21/22 B-III Book  
P-4792 11/18/22 B-III  Laptop Charger  
P-4791 11/18/22 Parking Lot 2 Credit Card (Martin)  
P-4790       Returned
P-4789       Returned
P-4788 11/11/22 B-III Lunch Box  
P-4787 11/07/22 B-III Wallet (Tian)  
P-4786 11/04/22 B-III Watch  
P-4785       Returned
P-4784 11/03/22 B-III, Lobby Headphones  
P-4783       Returned
P-4782       Returned
P-4781       Returned  
P-4780       Returned
P-4779 10/27/22 B-IV, Cafe Wireless Ear Buds  
P-4778 10/27/22 B-III, Elevator U.S. Currency  
P-4777 10/26/22 Priddy Library Earings and Makeup  
P-4776 10/23/22 B-III Lunch Box  
P-4775       Returned
P-4774       Returned
P-4773 10/20/22 Priddy Library ID Card (Edwing Romero)  
P-4772 10/12/22 Priddy Library Note Book  
P-4771       Returned
P-4770 10/06/22 B-IV, Lobby Sunglasses  
P-4769       Returned
P-4768 09/28/22 B-III Pink T-Shirt  
P-4767       Returned
P-4766       Returned
P-4765 09/09/22 B-III, Restroom Reading Glasses  
P-4764       Returned
P-4763       Returned
P-4762 08/30/22 Priddy Library Ring  
P-4761       Returned
P-4760       Returned
P-4759       Returned
P-4758 05/20/22 B-III Yeti Mug  
P-4757 05/20/22 B-II Black Dress  
P-4756 05/18/22 B-III, OIT Helpdesk Reading Glasses  
P-4755 05/13/22 B-III, Restroom Yellow Umbrella  
P-4754 05/13/22 Traville Garage Ring  
P-4753       Returned
P-4752 05/09/22 B-III Cafeteria U.S. Currency  
P-4751       Returned
P-4750       Returned
P-4749       Returned
P-4748 04/26/22 Traville Parking Garage USB Flash Drive  
P-4747       Returned
P-4746       Returned
P-4745 04/19/22 B-IV  Small purse and contents  
P-4744       Returned
P-4743 04/14/22 Traville Parking Garage Bracelet  
P-4742 04/06/22 Parking Lot 1 Wireless AirPods  
P-4741       Returned
P-4740 03/28/22 Priddy Library U.S. Currency   
P-4739       Returned
P-4738 03/24/22 B-I Wireless Mouse  

Anything previous to this date is no longer retained.

Property is only stored for twelve (12) months.