Uiversities at Shady Grove Lost and Found Property is arranged, on the list below, by the date it was found and turned in. This list is updated regularly, but If your property was lost and turned in more recently than the most recent date on this list, it would still be at the Security Desk in B-III.  If we don't have your property, please check again later.  Items are often not found and/or turned in for several days. To reclaim lost property, note your Property Number (P-XXXX) and call 301-738-6065 (B-III Guard Desk). 

Recently found property is usually still at the Guard Desk to be reclaimed, but older found property may have been moved to long term storage, where it is generally available to be claimed during weekday business hours.   

Note: We DO NOT store perishable food items.

Property Number Date Found Location Found Property Description Status
P-4489 02/08/2020 Priddy Library Knit Hat  
P-4488       Returned
P-4487 02/06/2020 Building III Notebook  
P-4486       Returned
P-4485 02/06/2020 Building II, TAPS Water Bottle  
P-4484 0     Returned
P-4483 02/05/2020 Building III Spiral Bound Notebook  
P-4482 02/05/2020 Building III Book  
P-4481       Returned
P-4480 02/04/2020 Priddy Library USB Flash Drive  
P-4479 02/04/2020 Building III Scarf  
P-4478 02/03/2020 Building III, 4th Floor Phone Charger  
P-4477 02/03/2020 Traville Garage MC Parking Tag  
P-4476 02/03/2020 Building III Scarf  
P-4475 01/31/2020 Priddy Library Ear Phone Case  
P-4474       Returned
P-4473 01/30/2020 Building III Knit Hat  
P-4472       Returned
P-4471       Returned
P-4470 01/27/2020 Building III Gloves  
P-4469 01/27/2020 Building IV, 2nd Floor Toiletry Bag  
P-4468       Returned
P-4467 01/23/2020 B-III, 3rd Floor Ring  
P-4466 01/15/2020 B-III Watch  
P-4465       Returned
P-4464 01/08/2020 B-II Necklace  
P-4463 01/08/2020 B-III Knit Hat  
P-4462 01/07/2020 B-III, 1st Floor Umbrella  
P-4461 01/07/2020 B-III Headphones  
P-4460 01/07/2020 Priddy Library Knit Hat  
P-4459       Returned
P-4458 01/03/2020 Priddy Library Bag with Gloves  
P-4457       Returned
P-4456 12/19/19 B-III, 1st Floor Paperwork (Tasia Sewell)  
P-4455 12/19/19 III-3241 Debit Card (H. Anderson)  
P-4454 12/19/19 Traville Gateway Garage` USB Flash Drive  
P-4453 12/18/19 Priddy Library Raincoat  
P-4452 12/18/19 B-III, 4th Floor USG ID (Faisal Khan)  
P-4451 12/17/19 Traville Gateway Garage Knit Hat  
P-4450       Returned
P-4449       Returned
P-4448       Returned
P-4447 12/15/19 B-II  MC ID Card (Nathaniel John)  
P-4446 12/13/19 BSE Knit Hat  
P-4445 12/13/19 Priddy Library Water bottle  
P-4444 12/13/19 B-III Sprial Notebook (Christine Montemayor)  
P-4443 12/11/19 B-II Dress (black, sleeveless)  
P-4442 12/11/19 III-2212 Necktie  
P-4441       Returned
P-4440       Returned
P-4439       Returned
P-4438 12/9/19 B-III Security Desk Yarmulke  
P-4437 12/6/19 B-III Water bottle  
P-4436       Returned
P-4435       Returned
P-4434 12/6/19 B-II, 2nd Floor Sketch Book (L. Congdon)  
P-4433 12/6/19 Priddy Library Credit Card (M. Leonardi)  
P-4432 12/5/19 B-III Security Desk Laptop Power Cord & Adapter  
P-4431       Returned
P-4430 12/3/19 B-I, 2nd Floor Lounge Spiral-bound Notebook (Mark)  
P-4429 12/3/19 Priddy Library Photo ID Card (M. Britten)  
P-4428 12/1/19 B-III, 2nd Floor Charger Adapter  
P-4427       Returned
P-4426 12/1/19 B-III Wireless MOuse (no dongle)  
P-4425 11/26/19 Priddy Library Cap (black with logo)  
P-4424       Returned
P-4423       Returned
P-4422 11/23/19 B-I 2nd Floor Student Lounge Charger Cord  
P-4421 11/23/19 Priddy Library Spiral Notebook (green cover)  
P-4420 11/22/19 PArking Lot 1 Debit Card (A. Afriyie)  
P-4419 11/22/19 B-III 4th Floor Presentation Clicker  
P-4418       Returned
P-4417 11/21/19 Parking Lot 5 Debit Card (L. Fosso)  
P-4416 11/20/19 Priddy Library Wristwatch  
P-4415 11/20/19 SIdewalk by B-III & B-IV Computer Cords  
P-4414 11/20/19 B-III 2nd Floor Hallway Laptop Charger  
P-4413 11/19/19 B-III 2nd Floor Hallway Water bottle  
P-4412       Returned
P-4411       Returned
P-4410 11/19/19 B-II CES Desk Zippered pencil/marker pouch  
P-4409 11/18/19 Priddy Library Laptop Charger  
P-4408       Returned
P-4407 11/14/19 Priddy Library USB Charger Adapter  
P-4406       Returned
P-4405       Returned
P-4404 11/14/19 B-II Conference Room Water bottle with sunglasses  
P-4403 11/13/19 Cafe Winter Hat (soft)  
P-4402       Returned
P-4401       Returned
P-4400 11/12/19 B-II Ground Floor Lunchbox (soft sided) with file cards  
P-4399 11/11/19 Traville Gateway Garage Screwdriver  
P-4398       Returned
P-4397 11/11/19 I-109 Travel Mug  
P-4396 11/11/19 III-4226 Eyeglasses  
P-4395 11/10/10 B-III Hallway Notebook in camo-bag  
P-4394 11/8/19 B-III 1st Floor Hallway Knit Cap  
P-4393 11/8/19 Traville Gateway Garage Electrical Extension Cord  
P-4392       Returned
P-4391       Returned
P-4390       Returned
P-4389 11/6/19 B-III Exterior Credit Card (N. Nguyen)  
P-4388       Returned
P-4387 11/5/19 B-II exterior Sunglasses  
P-4386       Returned
P-4385 11/5/19 B-III Water Bottle  
P-4384 11/5/19 B-III, 2nd Floor Lunch box (soft-sided)  
P-4383 11/4/19 Cafe Gloves  
P-4382 11/4/19 B-III Student Services Black Skirt in silver shopping bag  
P-4381       Returned
P-4380 11/4/19 B-II Sweater (pull-over)  
P-4379 11/3/19 B-III Jacket (fleecy)  
P-4378 11/3/19 Traville Gateway Garage Electrical Extension Cord  
P-4377 11/3/19 B-III USG ID Card (Z. Walker-Latney)  
P-4376 11/1/19 B-II Travel Mug  
P-4375       Returned
P-4374       Returned
P-4373       Returned
P-4372 10/31/19 II-2062 Calculator  
P-4371       Returned
P-4370       Returned
P-4369 10/31/19 B-I Ear ring (clasp style, w/fish)  
P-4368 10/31/19 B-I Cell phone, in  box  
P-4367 10/31/19 B-I Costco Card (S. Ahmed)  
P-4366       Returned
P-4365 10/30/19 B-III, 1st Floor USG Student ID (A. Gomez)  
P-4364       Returned
P-4363       Returned
P-4362 10/29/19 III-3216 Portable Hard Drive  
P-4361       Returned
P-4360       Returned
P-4359 10/28/19 Traville Gateway Garage Ear bud (wireless, one only)  
P-4358       Returned
P-4357       Returned
P-4356 10/24/19 Parking Lot 5 Bracelet (gold colored with inscription)  
P-4355       Returned
P-4354 10/24/19 III-4203 Jacket (hooded, green)   
P-4353 10/24/19 Priddy Library Water Bottle  
P-4352       Returned
P-4351       Returned
P-4350       Returned
P-4349       Returned
P-4348       Returned
P-4347       Returned
P-4346 10/22/19 B-III, 3rd Fl. Woman's Room Zipper-purse with feminine hygeine items  
P-4345 10/21/19 III-3216 USG ID Card (J. Adesida)  
P-4344 10/21/19 B-III Travel Mug  
P-4343       Returned
P-4342 10/21/19 BSE Cell phone (flip-phone)  
P-4341       Returned
P-4340 10/18/19 Priddy Library Water Bottle (metal)  
P-4339       Returned
P-4338       Returned
P-4337       Returned
P-4336 10/17/19 Priddy Library Charger cord & adapter  
P-4335       Returned
P-4334       Returned
P-4333       Returned
P-4332       Returned
P-4331 10/16/19 B-III Umbrella  
P-4330 10/16/19 B-III Ear Buds  
P-4329       Returned
P-4328 10/15/19 B-III Counseling Center Lubnch Box (soft sides)  
P-4327 10/15/19 B-III Debit Card (Aminata Mbaye)  
P-4326       Returned
P-4325 10/15/19 B-III Cell Phone & MoCo Library Card   
P-4324       Returned
P-4323 10/13/19 Priddy Library (Rm. 2139) Student ID (Wiseman, Cheryl)  
P-4322       Returned
P-4321 10/12/19 Priddy Library Cap (baseball style)  
P-4320 10/10/19 OIT Computer Lab Dayplanner (marketing student?)  
P-4319 10/10/19 III-4215 Eyeglasses  
P-4318 10/10/19 Cafe Skateboard  
P-4317       Returned
P-4316 10/9/19 Priddy Library Soft Zipper Pouch w/USB wires  
P-4315       Returned
P-4314       Returned
P-4313       Returned
P-4312 10/6/19 III-3206 Phone Adapter Cord  
P-4311 10/5/19 B-II Metro Card  
P-4310 10/4/19 Cafe Ear buds  
P-4309       Returned
P-4308       Returned
P-4307       Returned
P-4306       Returned
P-4305 10/2/19 B-II Travel Mug/Bottle  
P-4304 10/2/19 Priddy Library Ear Buds (2 pair, in case)  
P-4303 10/2/19 Priddy Library USB Flash Drive  
P-4302       Returned
P-4301       Returned
P-4300 10/1/19 III-2225 USB Flash Drive  
P-4299 10/1/19 Lot 5 Credit Card (Pingping Jiang)  
P-4298       Returned
P-4297 9/30/19 B-II Bag of Food Storage Containers  
P-4296       Returned
P-4295 9/30/19 III-3220 Eyeglasses  
P-4294 9/30/19 Priddy Library Water Bottle  
P-4293 9/29/19 B-III Woman's Bathroom Ring (for finger)  
P-4292 9/29/19 III-4203 Earbuds  
P-4291 9/28/19 Traville Gateway Garage USG ID (Kelly Norton)  
P-4290 9/27/19 B-I Eyeglasses  
P-4289 9/27/19 B-I Earbuds  
P-4288       Returned
P-4287 9/27/19 B-I Earphones  
P-4286 9/27/19 B-I Water bottle  
P-4285       Returned
P-4284 9/26/19 B-II Lobby Booklet (home made?)  
P-4283 9/26/19 B-II Necklace with medallion  
P-4282 9/26/19 Priddy library Travel Mug (metal)  
P-4281 9/26/19 B-II, 1st Floor Credit Card (Andrew Elby)  
P-4280       Returned
P-4279       Returned
P-4278       Returned
P-4277 9/24/19 B-II, 3rd Floor Water bottle  
P-4276       Returned
P-4275       Returned
P-4274 9/23/19 Priddy Library Denim Jacket (ladies)  
P-4273       Returned
P-4272       Returned
P-4271       Returned
P-4270 9/20/19 B-I Soft-side lunchbox  
P-4269       Returned
P-4268 9/19/19 Priddy Library Sunglasses  
P-4267 9/19/19 B-III Recreation Ctr. Towel & Inhaler  
P-4266       Returned
P-4265 9/17/19 Priddy Library USB "Wireless Receiver"  
P-4264 9/17/19 III-2215 Glasses Case (empty)  
P-4263 9/16/19 Boardwalk Fit Bit  
P-4262       Returned
P-4261       Returned
P-4260 9/12/19 Priddy Library Water Bottle  
P-4259       Returned
P-4258 9/11/19 III-4219 USB Flash Drive (Dongle?)  
P-4257       Returned
P-4256 9/10/19 III-4156 Sunglasses and Case  
P-4255 9/10/19 B-II Water Bottle  
P-4254 9/10/19 B-II Sunglasses  
P-4253 9/10/19 II-3062 Sweater (light weight)  
P-4252 9/10/19 B-II 2nd Floor Green Folio (PHMY notes)  
P-4251 9/10/19 B-II Water Bottle  
P-4250 9/10/19 B-III Woman's bathroom Two (2) Rings (for fingers)  
P-4249 9/9/19 B-III Bathroom USB Charger & 2 USB Flash Drives  
P-4248 9/9/19 Priddy Library Bank Paperwork (Samuel Kwarko)  
P-4247       Returned
P-4246 9/5/19 B-II (Exterior) Wireless Mouse  
P-4245 9/4/19 Priddy Library USB Flash Drive  
P-4244 9/4/19 B-III Water Bottle  
P-4243 9/3/19 III-2226 USB Flash Drive (Dongle?)  
P-4242 9/3/19 Traville Gateway Garage Travel Mug  
P-4241 9/3/19 Traville Gateway Garage Scarf  
P-4240       Returned
P-4239 08/31/19 Cafe Note for Kathryn Fogle  
P-4238       Returned
P-4237       Returned
P-4236 08/28/19 Cafe Water Bottle  
P-4235       Returned
P-4234 08/28/19 b-iii Travel Mug  
P-4233       Returned
P-4232       Returned
P-4231 08/26/19 III-3215 USG ID (Danielle Wells)  
P-4230 08/26/19 Unkown Gift card  
P-4229 08/26/19 B-II Hat (baseball cap style)  
P-4228 08/26/19 B-III OIT Service Desk Earbuds  
P-4227 08/2/19 B-III Sunglasses  
P-4225       Returned
P-4224 08/24/19 Traville Gateway Garage MD Driver's License (D. Anani)  
P-4223       Returned
P-4222 08/23/19 B-III Men's Room Phone/laptop charger cord  
P-4221       Returned
P-4220       Returned
P-4219       Returned
P-4218 08/19/19 III-3236 Sweatshirt  
P-4217 08/16/19 III-4211 Phone charger cord  
P-4216       Returned
P-4215 08/07/19 B-III, 3rd Fl. Bathroom USG ID Card (Anh Huynh)  
P-4214 08/06/19 III-2211 Ring (for finger)(musical motif)  
P-4213       Returned
P-4212 08/02/19 Outside B-III Key (house?) on Wrist-scrunchy  
P-4211       Returned
P-4210 08/01/19 III-3235 Laptop Charger  
P-4209 07/31/19 3rd Fl. Stairs, Traville Garage Phone Charger Cord  
P-4208 07/24/19 B-III Neophrene Lunchbox  
P-4207       Returned
P-4206       Returned
P-4205 07/17/19 By Traville Gateway Garage Eyeglasses  
P-4204 07/12/19 B-III Sunglasses  
P-4203       Returned
P-4202       Returned
P-4201 07/03/19 Student Services Water Bottle  
P-4200 07/02/19 B-II Sunglasses  
P-4199 07/02/19 Traville Gateway Garage Water Bottle  
P-4198 06/28/19 III-3216 GIft Card  
P-4197 06/28/19 B-III 1st Fl Bathroom Sippy cup (for child)  
P-4196 06/28/19 B-II - 3rd Floor Water bottle  
P-4195 06/27/19 III-3032 Soft case for Laptop (w/charger)  
P-4194 06/27/19 III-2203 Charger for Laptop  
P-4193 06/22/19 B-II Lobby Reading glasses  
P-4192       Returned
P-4191 06/20/19 B-III Lobby Book (hardback)  
P-4190 06/19/19 B-II Clear-lens glasses  
P-4189 06/13/19 B-III Stairwell Hat (baseball-style)  
P-4188 06/13/19 III-2211 Sweater (woman's)  
P-4187 06/06/19 Traville Gateway Garage Reading glasses  
P-4186 06/06/19 III-4200  Watch & Charger  
P-4185       Returned
P-4184 06/05/19 B-II Spiral Notebook (Chaturbhai)  
P-4183       Returned
P-4182 06/03/19 Priddy Library Charger for Laptop  
P-4181 06/01/19 B-II Exterior Purse-like bag (red, empty)  
P-4180 05/29/19 B-III Bathroom Short pants & belt  
P-4179       Returned
P-4178       Returned
P-4177 05/22/19 Priddy Library Water Bottle  
P-4176 05/21/19 Courtyard Safety Glasses  
P-4175 05/18/19 B-III Purse/pencil case (Adesiyakan)  
P-4174 05/16/19 III-3216 Sneakers (woman's)  
P-4173 05/13/19 Cafe Water Bottle  
P-4172 05/11/19 Unknown Water Bottle  
P-4171 05/09/19 B-II Debit Card (Isabel Giraldo)  
P-4170 05/09/19 Traville Gateway Garage Credit Card (Sarah Gresham)  
P-4169 05/09/19 III-3242 Jacket & Umbrella  
P-4168 05/09/19 B-III 2nd Floor Folding Cart  
P-4167       Returned
P-4166       Returned
P-4165 05/09/19 III-2230 Wireless Mouse  
P-4164 05/08/19 III-3226 Water Bottle  
P-4163 05/08/19 III-3215 Earbuds  
P-4162 05/08/19 III-3211 Laptop Charger  
P-4161       Returned
P-4160 05/08/19 III-3236 Laptop Charger  
P-4159 05/08/19 Priddy Library USB Flash Drive (Obadina)  
P-4158       Returned
P-4157       Returned
P-4156 05/06/19 Priddy Library Waist-chain  
P-4155 05/06/19 III-2225 Calculator  
P-4154       Returned
P-4153       Returned
P-4152       Returned
P-4151 05/05/19 Traville Gateway Garage Travel Mug  
P-4150       Returned
P-4149 05/03/19 Priddy Library Bracelet (magnetic clasp w/stone)  
P-4148 05/03/19 B-III 5th Fl. Stairwell Laptop Charger  
P-4147 05/02/19 B-III Lobby HID Swipe Card  
P-4146       Returned
P-4145       Returned
P-4144       Returned
P-4143       Returned
P-4142 04/26/19 Recreation Center Travel Mug  
P-4141 04/26/19 B-II Woman's Bathroom Pencil Case  
P-4140 04/26/19 Recreation Center Water Bottle  
P-4139 04/26/19 Recreation Center Water Bottle  
P-4138 04/26/19 Recreation Center Water Bottle  
P-4137 04/26/19 Recreation Center Water Bottle  
P-4136 04/26/19 Recreation Center Water Bottle  
P-4135 04/26/19 Recreation Center Water Bottle  
P-4134 04/26/19 Recreation Center Water Bottle  
P-4133 04/26/19 Priddy Library Spiral Notebook Day-planner   
P-4132 4/26/19 Priddy Library Lunchbox (soft-side)   
P-4131 04/26/10 Priddy Library Water Bottle  
P-4130       Returned
P-4129       Returned
P-4128       Returned


P-4126       Returned
P-4125       Returned
P-4124 04/22/19 B-II Visa Card (K. Demeke)  
P-4123 04/20/19 B-III Book (paperback)  
P-4122       Returned
P-4121 04/18/19 OIT  Lab T-shirt  
P-4120       Returned
P-4119       Returned
P-4118       Returned
P-4117       Returned
P-4116 04/17/19 Priddy Library Water bottle (metal)  
P-4115       Returned
P-4114       Returned
P-4113 04/15/19 B-III LED Arm/ankle band  
P-4112 04/15/19 B-III Exterior Gray jacket (w/hood)  
P-4111 04/15/19 Priddy Library Travel Mug  
P-4110 04/14/19 B-II Jacket (light-weight)  
P-4109       Returned
P-4108       Returned
P-4107       Returned
P-4106 04/13/19 Lot 5 Earbuds  
P-4105 04/13/19 B-III 3rd Fl. Woman's Room Necklace with "charms"  
P-4104 04/13/19 B-III Pocketknife  
P-4103 04/12/19 Unknown Laptop Charger  
P-4102 04/12/19 Priddy Library Computer Mouse  
P-4101       Returned
P-4100       Returned
P-4099       Returned
P-4098 04/11/19 Priddy Library Computer Mouse & lip gloss  
P-4097       Returned
P-4096 04/10/19 Priddy Library Charger Cord w/owner-applied decoration)  
P-4095 04/10/19 B-III Rec. Center Water Bottle  
P-4094 04/10/19 B-III Rec. Center Water Bottle  
P-4093     Number Not Used  
P-4092 04/10/19 B-III Rec. Center Necklace (thin chain, with religious charm)  
P-4091       Returned
P-4090       Returned
P-4089 04/09/19 B-III Hallway Game controller for computer games  
P-4088 04/08/19 Priddy Library Ear buds in bag  
P-4087       Returned
P-4086 04/08/19 Priddy Library Many magazines in shopping bag  
P-4085 04/07/19 20-Minute Parking (Lot 5) Credit Card (Ali Rezaiyan-Nojani)  
P-4084 04/07/19 III-4133 Hoop earring (one only, post-style)  
P-4083 04/04/19 III-3241 Notebook (blue color)  
P-4082       Returned
P-4081       Returned
P-4080       Returned
P-4079 04/04/19 B-III (exterior) Chipkaart (travel card)  
P-4078       Returned
P-4077       Returned
P-4076 04/02/19 III-4216 Laptop charger  
P-4075       Returned
P-4074       Returned
P-4073       Returned
P-4072 03/29/19 III-3241 Megaphone (small model)  
P-4071       Returned
P-4070 03/27/19   Laptop Computer (j. Hollis)  
P-4069 03/27/19 B-III Classroom Textbook (Human Health)  
P-4068 03/27/19 B-III 3rd Floor Ear buds  
P-4067 03/27/19 III-3204 Water bottle (metal)  
P-4066 03/27/19 III-3217 Water bottle  
P-4065 03/26/19 Priddy Library Jacket (black, zipper-front)  
P-4064       Returned
P-4063       Returned
P-4062 03/20/19 Traville Gateway Garage Spiral Notebook & Travel Mug  
P-4061       Returned
P-4060 03/19/19 B-III Bathroom Credit Card (Christopher Austin)  
P-4059       Returned
P-4058 03/18/19 B-II 2nd Floor Eyeglasses in soft case  
P-4057 03/17/19 Priddy Library Textbook (Physical Science)  
P-4056       Returned
P-4055 03/15/19 B-II 2nd Floor USG Photo ID Card (Emily Green)  
P-4054       Returned
P-4053       Returned
P-4052 03/13/19 Priddy Library Travel Mug  
P-4051       Returned
P-4050       Returned
P-4049       Returned
P-4048 03/11/19 III-3222 Stretch Lanyard  
P-4047 03/09/19 Cafe MBHS Student ID Card (H. Kim)  
P-4046 03/08/19 B-III Water Bottle  
P-4045 03/08/19 III-3242 Bracelet (rope-style with coin)  
P-4044 03/08/19 Traville Gateway Garage Key on Red Lanyard  
P-4043       Returned
P-4042       Returned
P-4041 03/7/19 Parking Lot Lot 5 Hoop Earring (Post type)  
P-4040       Returned
P-4039 03/07/19 Priddy Library Calculator  
P-4038 03/06/19 III-2211 Lunch Box (soft-sided)  
P-4037 03/06/19 Priddy Library One (1) Wireless Earbud  
P-4036 03/05/19 Priddy Library Knit Hat  
P-4035 03/05/19 B-III 3rd Fl Woman's Room Water Bottle  
P-4034       Returned
P-4033       Returned
P-4032 03/05/19 Priddy Library USG Photo ID (Roza Gonzales)  
P-4031 03/05/19 Priddy Library USG Photo ID (James Tellez)  
P-4030       Returned
P-4029 03/04/19 iii-4206 Charger "brick"  
P-4028 03/04/19 Priddy Library USB Flash Drive  
P-4027 03/04/19 B-III 3rd Floor Bathroom Neck Pillow  
P-4026       Returned
P-4025       Returned
P-4024 02/28/19 B-III 3rd Floor Bathroom Ring (for finger) with clear stones  
P-4023 02/28/19 B-I Lobby Umbrella  
P-4022 02/28/19 III-4230 Scarf  
P-4021 02/28/19 Traville Gateway Garage Water Bottle  
P-4020 02/27/19 Traville Gateway Garage Make-up Bag & Red Pouch  
P-4019 02/27/19 Priddy Library Scarf  
P-4018 02/26/19 III-3212 Laptop Charger  
P-4017 02/26/19 B-III 2nd Floor Hallway Cell Phone  
P-4016       Returned
P-4015       Returned
P-4014 02/22/19 Traville Gateway Garage Keyring (2 keys & penknife)  
P-4013 02/22/19 II-2062 Reading Glasses  
P-4012 02/22/19 B-III Travel Mug  
P-4011 02/22/19 B-III Lobby Water Botle  
P-4010 02/22/19 Priddy Library Cellphone Charger cord  
P-4009 02/21/19 Priddy Library USB Flash Drive (wristband style)  
P-4008 02/21/19 III-3216 Soft-side Lunch Bag  
P-4007       Returned
P-4006 02/19/19 III-3242 Soft-side Lunch Bag  
P-4005 02/19/19 III-3211 Scarf  
P-4004 02/19/19 III-3212 Wireless Mouse  
P-4003       Returned
P-4002       Returned
P-4001 02/18/19 III-2215 USG Photo ID Card (Tanisha Faulkner)  
P-4000       Returned
P-3999       Returned
P-3998 02/18/19 B-III Woman's Clutch bag  
P-3997       Returned
P-3996 02/18/19     Returned
P-3995 02/17/19 III-2220 Soft-side Lunch Box  
P-3994 02/17/19 B-II Security Desk Travel Mug  
P-3993 02/17/19 Traville Gateway Garage Weight Belt & Clothes  
P-3992       Returned
P-3991 02/14/19 B-III 3rd Floor Umbrella  
P-3990       Returned
P-3989       Returned
P-3988 02/14/19 B-III Lobby Ring (for finger) with heart-shaped stone  
P-3987 02/13/19 B-III Phone charger cord  
P-3986 02/13/19 B-II 2nd Floor Credit Card (Julie Maia)  
P-3985       Returned
P-3984 02/12/19 B-III Lobby Umbrella  
P-3983 02/12/19 B-III Flashlight  
P-3982 02/12/19 III-2216 Chager cord  
P-3981       Returned
P-3980 02/11/19 Priddy Library USB Flash Drive  
P-3979       Returned
P-3978       Returned
P-3977       Returned
P-3976       Returned
P-3975 02/09/19 B-III Cafe Woman's Hygiene Kit (w/knit hat)  
P-3974 02/08/19 B-I 3rd Floor Infusion Kit  
P-3973 02/07/19 Priddy Library Hat (soft) and Make-up Case  
P-3972       Returned
P-3971 02/06/19 Priddy Library Charger Adapter  
P-3970       Returned
P-3969 02/06/19 OIT Lab USB Flash Drive (Yakadia Wilson)  
P-3968       Returned
P-3967 02/05/19 II-3032 Woman's hygiene supplies  
P-3966 02/05/19 II-2032 Laptop computer charger  
P-3965 02/04/19 B-I Lobby Earmuffs  
P-3964       Returned
P-3963 02/03/19 B-III Backpack (Enoch Melchizedek)  
P-3962 02/03/19 OIT Service Desk Laptop Charger Cable  
P-3961 02/02/19 Parking Lot 1 Duffle Gear Bar and contents (NFL logo marks)  
P-3960 02/01/19 B-III Water bottle  
P-3959       Returned
P-3958       Returned
P-3957       Returned
P-3956       Returned
P-3955 01/30/19 Parking Lot 1 Earrings (pair, hoop style)  
P-3954 01/30/19 III-2225 USB Flash Drive  
P-3953 01/30/19 Priddy Library USB Charger Adapter  
P-3952 01/30/19 Parking Lot 1 Water bottle (metal)  
P-3951 01/30/19 III-3240 10 small keys  
P-3950 01/29/19 Parking Lot 1 Water bottle  
P-3949       Returned
P-3948 01/26/19 Parking Lot 1 Water bottle  
P-3947       Returned
P-3946 01/25/19 III-3241 Folio (leather)  
P-3945 01/16/19 B-III 2nd Floor Laptop Charger  
P-3944 01/12/19 III-3225 USB Flash Drive  
P-3943       Returned
P-3942       Returned
P-3941 01/12/19 Priddy Library Earbuds (halo style)  

Anything previous to this date is no longer retained.

Property is only stored for twelve (12) months.