USG lost and found property is arranged, below, by the date it was found and turned in.  The list is updated regularly, but If your property was lost and turned in more recently than the most recent date on this list, it would still be at the Security Desk in B-III.  If we don't have your property, please check again later as items are often not found and/or turned in for several days.  To reclaim lost property, note your Property Number (P-XXXX) and call 301-738-6065 (B-III Guard Desk).  Older found property may have been moved to long term storage, where it is generally available to be claimed during weekday business hours.   

Note: We DO NOT store perishable food items.

Property Number Date Found Location Found Property Description Status
P-4753       Returned
P-4752 05/09/22 B-III Cafeteria U.S. Currency  
P-4751       Returned
P-4750       Returned
P-4749       Returned
P-4748 04/26/22 Traville Parking Garage USB Flash Drive  
P-4747       Returned
P-4746 04/20/22 B-IV Student ID   
P-4745 04/19/22 B-IV  Small purse and contents  
P-4744       Returned
P-4743 04/14/22 Traville Parking Garage Bracelet  
P-4742 04/06/22 Parking Lot 1 Wireless AirPods  
P-4741       Returned
P-4740 03/28/22 Priddy Library U.S. Currency   
P-4739       Returned
P-4738 03/24/22 B-I Wireless Mouse  
P-4737       Returned
P-4736       Returned
P-4735       Returned
P-4734       Returned
P-4733 03/16/22 B-II, Ballroom Grey Scarf  
P-4732 03/14/22 B-III, 4th Floor Computer Charging Cable  
P-4731       Returned
P-4730       Returned
P-4729       Returned
P-4728       Returned
P-4727       Returned
P-4726       Returned
P-4725 03/03/22 B-II, Classroom 2062 Blue Water Bottle  
P-4724       Returned
P-4723       Returned
P-4722 02/23/22 Traville Garage MD MVA Change of Address Card  
P-4721 02/23/22 B-I One Earring  
P-4720       Returned
P-4719 02/16/22 B-III Ring  
P-4718 02/16/22 B-III Reading Glasses  
P-4717       Returned
P-4716       Returned
P-4715 02/15/22 B-III Debit Card  
P-4714 02/14/22 Shady Grove Garage One Ear Pod  
P-4713 02/01/22 B-III Notebook  
P-4712       Returned
P-4711 02/08/22 B-III Computer Lab Ear Pods  
P-4710 12/22/21 Traville Garage Eye Glasses  
P-4709       Returned


12/20/21 Priddy Library USB Drive  
P-4707       Returned
P-4706 12/13/21 Priddy Library Three Books  
P-4705 12/10/21 B-I Ladies Jacket  
P-4704       Returned
P-4703 12/10/21 B-III Planner Notebook  
P-4702 12/07/21 B-III, 3rd Floor Apple Pencil  
P-4701       Returned
P-4700       Returned
P-4699       Returned
P-4698 12/06/21 B-III Three Rings  
P-4697 12/03/21 B-IV Mens Jacket  
P-4696 12/2/21 B-III, Cafe Cell Phone  
P-4695 12/2/21 B-IV, 4th Floor Ring  
P-4694 11/30/21 B-II Laptop Bag  
P-4693 11/30/21 B-II Eye Glasses  
P-4692 11/30/21 B-II Water Bottle  
P-4691 11/29/21 B-III Gloves  
P-4690 11/25/21 B-I Water Bottle  
P-4689 11/25/21 B-IV Water Bottle  
P-4688 11/22/21 Traville Parking Garage Pouch and USB Flash Drive  
P-4687       Returned
P-4686 11/19/21 B-III Water Bottle  
P-4685       Returned
P-4684 11/16/21 B-III Water Bottle  
P-4683 11/15/21 B-III ID Card - Katherine Borja  
P-4682 11/12/21 B-IV, Room G201 Eye Glasses  
P-4681       Returned
P-4680       Returned
P-4679 11/05/21 B-III, Cafeteria Battery and Charger  
P-4678       Returned
P-4677       Returned
P-4676 11/02/21 B-III Currency  
P-4675 11/02/21 B-II Necklace  
P-4674 11/01/21 B-IV USB Charging Cable  
P-4673       Returned
P-4672       Returned
P-4671 10/28/21 B-IV, 1st Floor. Water Bottle  
P-4670 10/27/21 B-I, Room 331 Travel Mug  
P-4669 10/27/21 Library Toyota Key FOB  
P-4668 10/26/21 B-II, 2nd Floor Water Bottle  
P-4667       Returned
P-4666       Returned
P-4665       Returned
P-4664 10/21/21 B-IV, Room 3226 Water Bottle  
P-4663 10/21/21 B-III, Room 4100 Phone Charging Cable  
P-4662       Returned
P-4661 10/20/21 B-III, Room 2202 Phone Charger  
P-4660 10/20/21 B-III, 3rd Floor Textbook "A People and a Nation"  
P-4659 10/20/21 Parking Lot Bracelet  
P-4658       Returned
P-4657       Returned
P-4656 10/14/21 B-III, Room 3230 Water Bottle  
P-4655       Returned
P-4654       Returned
P-4653 10/11/21 B-IV Water Bottle  
P-4652 10/10/21 Library Teeth Guard  
P-4651       Returned
P-4650 10/07/21 Library Book - Aging and Diversity  
P-4649 10/07/21 B-II Umbrella  
P-4648       Not Used
P-4647 10/06/21 B-IV Water Bottle and Umbrella  
P-4646       Not Used
P-4645 10/05/21 B-IV Key  
P-4644 10/01/21 B-III, Classroom 2211 Black Jacket  
P-4643       Returned
P-4642 10/04/21 B-I Water Bottle  
P-4641 10/04/21 B-IV Phone Charger   
P-4640 09/30/21 B-III, Classroom 4230 Lunch Bag  
P-4639 09/30/21 Grounds Pencil Case  
P-4638 09/29/21 B-III Credit Card  
P-4637 09/23/21 B-I Water Bottle  
P-4636 09/23/21 B-III Umbrella  
P-4635 09/17/21 B-IV Water Bottle  
P-4634 09/21/21 B-III Restroom Ring  
P-4633       Returned
P-4632       Returned
P-4631 09/21/21 Lot 2 Drivers License  
P-4630 09/20/21 B-I, Classroom 3202 Water Bottle  
P-4629 09/16/21 B-III restroom Ring  
P-4628       Returned
P-4627 09/14/21 Library Eye Glasses  
P-4626       Returned
P-4625       Returned
P-4624 09/13/21 B-III Course Manual  
P-4623 09/09/21 B-III Ladies Bra  
P-4622       Returned
P-4621       Returned
P-4620       Returned
P-4619 09/01/21 B-III Umbrella  
P-4618       Returned
P-4617       Returned
P-4616 08/30/21 Grounds Credit Card (Amegashie)  
P-4615 08/30/21 B-II Credit Card (Khansari)  
P-4614 08/20/21 Lot 1 Key  
P-4613       Returned
P-4612 08/12/21 B-III Sunglasses  
P-4611       Returned
P-4610 07/15/21 Grounds Sunglasses  
P-4609 06/30/21 B-IV Graduation Stole  
P-4608 06/30/21 B-IV Sunglasses  

Anything previous to this date is no longer retained.

Property is only stored for twelve (12) months.