Case Number Posted Date Location Incident Type Occurred Date
MCPD 10-051329 10/20/10 Center exit doors of Building II by Multipurpose Room Attempted Strong-arm Robbery 10/20/2010
On Sunday, October 17, 2010, a conference event, the Yu-Gi-Oh Regional Tour, was being held at USG. At approximately 6:30 pm, four men attempted to take a backpack containing trading cards from an attendee as he was exiting Building II.  The victim is not affiliated with USG.  The suspects were unable to wrest the backpack from the victim and they fled on foot in the direction of the shopping center. About 15 minutes later, a witness observed the suspects inside the Giant Food. Montgomery County Police responded, positively identified the suspects and placed them all under arrest without incident. The arrestees are not affiliated with USG and are residebnts of Baltimore, MD. The three adults (aged 19, 19 & 21) were charged with attempted strong-arm robbery and the 17 year old juvenile was charged on a Juveniole Petition.

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