Smart-enabled classrooms are outfitted with some of the latest technological equipment at your fingertips.  These classrooms feature built-in ceiling-mounted data projectors with remote, a workstation PC for instructors with network access, and up-to-date audio-visual equipment.

Computer Classroom

Lab-style classrooms contain fully equipped workstations for every student or attendee with network access.  At the head of the class, instructors have a fully-equipped workstation with network access connected to a remote-controlled ceiling-mounted data projector.

ITV / IVN Remote Style

These classrooms, through the wonders of modern technology, are truly remote classrooms which can literally put you into a class in real-time at another satellite location.  Each classroom is set up with state-of-the-art cameras mounted and calibrated to show this remote classroom and students to its other location.  Each seat has a microphone which allows students to communicate with instructors on the other end, along with monitors in the front of the room to display the other remote classroom, its students, and instructors.  A table-mounted camera allows students to show everyone on the other end important materials that they have.