USG Printing Services


The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides printing services using the methods below:

OIT is pleased to announce USG's Pay-for-Print service that enables our user community the flexibility of online account management, web-enabled printing, and credit card payment processing.   

  • Users may transfer funds stored on print cards to their new accounts by visiting the OIT Service Desk
  • If not done yet, sign up to the USG Logon Self Service to gain the ability to reset your USG logon credentials

Printer Locations

Any print job may be released/printed at the following locations.

Job Type BuildIng i BuildIng ii Building iii Building Iv
Black & White 2nd Floor Lounge 2nd Floor Lounge

Library Workroom

Open Lab 2103

2nd Floor Hallway (Rear)

3rd Floor Hallway (Rear)

Ground Floor Hallway

1st Floor Hallway

4th Floor Hallway

Open Lab 2321

Color 2nd Floor Lounge  

Library Workroom

Open Lab 2103



Type Simplex (Per Page) Duplex (Per Page)
Black & White $0.10 $0.16
Color $0.50 $0.80


Poster Printing

We currently offer poster size printing to its students and faculty for academic use and internal printing for departmental needs. We currently operate an HP Designjet Z3200ps capable of printing 36" wide to 120" long at 600 dpi in full color using 11 different inks and gloss enhancers.