Many new and emerging job positions are becoming available in the Information Science field. It is expected that the demand for individuals who can fill those positions will continue to grow. iSchool graduates will be prepared to compete for these positions in all types of organizations - including government institutions, non-profits, educational and cultural institutions and the private sector.

The InfoSci degree will prepare you to compete for a variety of positions and job functions. Listed are some of the types of positions that might be of interest to an InfoSci grad.

Interested in working with data to find novel information that can help guide strategic decision making or help others analyze data? Below are some examples of positions you could have with links to information about salary, position description, and popular employers:

Want to work with individuals and teams to understand their information needs and their expectations for tools and applications they will use to work with information? You might be interested in a position like:

If you are looking for a job where you work to gather, organize, disseminate information to members of an organization to address their information needs, you should look for positions like:

Want to design, develop and/or deploy an information system, manage individuals and teams who do such work? You might like to work as one of the following:

For further career exploration, visit for a list of helpful websites and meet-ups in the local DC Metro Area