Program Overview

The UMD Bachelor of Science in Information Science (InfoSci) program is a STEM-designated degree program that prepares students to solve organizational and societal problems using information and technology in innovative and creative ways. InfoSci curriculum uniquely combines technical skills (i.e. database design, information architecture, web, and mobile development) and data analytics with the UI/UX, Psychology, Leadership, and Design.

Minor in Technology Innovation Leadership

By combining creative leadership, design thinking and understanding socio technical challenges, this undergraduate minor prepares students to tackle large scale problems relating to technology innovation. While using innovative thinking approaches, students will learn to create new ideas and energy, and solve socio technical challenges through leadership experiences.


Minor in Information Risk Management, Ethics & Privacy

This undergraduate minor prepares students to evaluate major information and big data privacy and security issues that businesses and individuals encounter. Students will focus on practical strategies to mitigate risks and explore the ways emerging technologies benefit in the context of risk management, ethics, and privacy.