Salisbury University Exercise Science Internship Information

The 10-credit internship experience is designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain real-world experience in Exercise Science settings.  Students will select an internship site and complete 375 hours of  meaningful work while completing assignments as outlined in the Exercise Science Internship Manual.


Current students should follow steps 1-8  to initiate the internship process.  Prospective students should review the general internship information and the list of potential internship sites.

1. Review our general Internship Information

2. Read the Internship Manual

3. Enroll for EXSC 479-370 for your desired credit amount (3-10).  Permission is required.

4. Find an Internship Site.  

5. Complete the Internship Site Information Survey once you have confirmed an Internship site. Having your site complete the Site Agreement Form below will help you complete this information thoroughly. 

6. Follow the Due Dates and Requirements to complete all mandatory paperwork

7. Turn in the following information via My Classes by the specified due date:

      A. Physical Exam Verification

      B. Copy of current CPR card from American Heart Association or American Redcross

      C. Signed Site Agreement Form