Students are accepted every fall semester.  Students may be eligible for the program if they meet the criteria below.

Earned an Associate’s Degree in Health Fitness or Exercise Science at Montgomery College or earned an Associate’s Degree from any Maryland Community College, and:

  • Earned a “C” or better Anatomy & Physiology I prior to starting program.
  • Earned a “C” or better Anatomy & Physiology II prior to starting program.

Have the ability to take and transfer in courses equivalent to SU’s 200-level Exercise major requirements:

  • EXSC 213: Injury Prevention and Emergency Management
  • EXSC 240: Fitness Testing
  • EXSC 250: Strength Training Techniques and Program Design
  • EXSC 295: Fitness Instruction

Montgomgery College Course Equivalents will substitute for the courses listed above.  Please review our four year suggested transfer pathway from Montgomery College's A.A. in Exercise Science to Salisbury University's B.S. in Exercise Science program