Elementary Education/Special Education (EESE - Integrated Program with Dual Certification)

Towson University’s elementary and special education major offers dual certification that brings together innovative study and hands-on experiences. Get the knowledge and skills you need to be a highly effective educator.

Why Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Special Education (EESE)?

The field of special education is rapidly changing. There is a critical need for teachers who can meet the cognitive, behavioral, social, emotional, linguistic and cultural needs of all children in the classroom.

This specially designed major provides the opportunity to become certified in both elementary education (1-6) and special education (1-8). This degree prepares you to be an elementary classroom teacher or an elementary/middle special education teacher.

This comprehensive program offers:

  • innovative and dynamic course work that helps you develop successful instruction and classroom management strategies
  • transformative, real-world experiences through internship placements, offered in Montgomery County Public Schools
  • experienced faculty-mentors committed to your success
  • a supportive cohort of fellow Towson University students studying elementary education-special education
  • collaborative partnerships with families, communities and agencies

Why Should I Apply?

Learn more about our elementary education/special education program here

I am so grateful for everything [that my mentors] did for me in the program and ensuring that I made it through my last semester. I am thriving and so excited to go to work every single day!
Lindsey Flint, Alumni