UMBC’s B.S. in Computer Science, an ABET accredited program, introduces students to a rich and diverse discipline. The program now offers two tracks: data science and cybersecurity. Both of these focus areas are in direct response to industry needs in the Baltimore-Washington, DC, area. Additionally, UMBC-Shady Grove offers professional master’s programs in both data science and cybersecurity.

Opportunities in the exciting emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, malware analysis, mobile computing, graphics, game design, quantum computing, human-computer interaction, forensic analysis, and data science are accessible in a wide range of environments. Computing jobs are in the top of the fastest growing and highest paid jobs in the country according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. UMBC computer science graduates are employed by varied businesses*: tech industry leaders, government agencies, the defense industry, and video game design companies. Other major employers include financial technology, transportation, and a variety of other startups.

Graduates of the computer science program are well prepared for advanced studies and for problem-solving across the breadth of the discipline: theory, design, architecture, development and application of computers and computer systems. Many go on to graduate school in top Computer Science and Computer Engineering departments. Career paths include software engineers, database administrators, network architects, computer programmers, web developers and information security analysts.

UMBC has celebrated being considered both a most innovative school (#10) and best undergraduate teaching school (#9) by US News and World Report. We welcome you to join our highly diverse student body.

*Google, Amazon, Microsoft, NSA, NIST, CIA, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Firaxis, JP Morgan, T Rowe Price, Legg Mason, UPS, and many more ...

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