Download PDF of USG Strategic PlanTo Our USG Community:

The Universities at Shady Grove (USG) – with nine partner universities offering a wide range of life-changing academic programs on one convenient campus in Montgomery County – has been an innovative model for higher education delivery since its inception in 2000.

After two decades of growth, evolution and success, it’s time for the USG community to now build on the solid foundation it has established by charting a solid course for “USG 2.0.” It’s time for us to develop our first-ever Strategic Plan, to help shape the future direction of a unique University System of Maryland institution that is the largest and most comprehensive of the state’s regional higher education centers.

Ensuring student success has always been at the core of the USG mission and always will be central to any measurement of our overall success, as an educational institution. But with a rapidly changing economic landscape, we must hone in with absolute clarity and purpose on what it is that USG does best and on how we can make the most impactful difference — both in meeting the talent and workforce needs of our region and in enabling the students we serve to achieve their goals. Innovation and excellence must be at the core of our efforts.

Together with our university and community partners, and with the involvement of a wide swath of the campus and greater community, we are excited for the opportunity to create this vital roadmap. As we outline this vision for the future, we are confident that we will be able to catapult USG to new heights of success and innovation.

As co-chairs of this effort, we invite you to learn more about the strategic plan process and to provide us with your thoughts and feedback as we undertake this important endeavor. Thank you.


Dr. Anne Khademian

Anne Khademian, Ph.D.

Executive Director, The Universities at Shady Grove and Associate Vice Chancellor, University System of Maryland

Isiah Leggett

Isiah Leggett

University System of Maryland Regent, USG Board of Advisors Member and Former Montgomery County Executive

Shady Grove is the crucible for innovation!
– Dr. Jay Perman, Chancellor, University System of Maryland