Maryland State Treasurer

Nancy K. Kopp has served on the USG Board of Advisors since the founding of USG in 2000. She was among the civic and business leaders who advocated for the creation of the regional higher education center. She served on the commission established by the late Montgomery County Executive Charles Gilchrest that studied ways to bring public baccalaureate and graduate programs to the County. It was the Commission's work that led to the creation of USG. Prior to USG, the only public higher education programs in the County were at Montgomery College.

Today, Kopp remarks that USG has become a national model because it demonstrates a successful partnership of public colleges and universities operating at one site. She says the addition of SG Building III will help USG continue to grow as it offers many of the amenities students have at traditional campuses such as a library, dining facility, recreational facility and student lounges. Kopp was elected Maryland State Treasurer in 2002. Prior to becoming Treasurer, she represented the Bethesda area in the House of Delegates for 27 years. In addition to the BOA, she has served on a variety of boards of national, regional and state organizations focused primarily on education and budgeting and finance issues.