Campus Goals and Initiatives

The Universities at Shady Grove designed Building III as a learning laboratory: a place where students, faculty, staff and community members can learn together about environmental issues. Continuing goals include:

  • Working with our local schools, community colleges and university partners on curriculum development in sustainability
  • Promoting alternate forms of transportation, such as carpooling, biking to work, using public transportation, providing preferential parking for fuel efficient vehicles
  • Providing "green" tours for local schools and community members to promote green construction and sustainable practices

Waste Management and On-Site Recycling

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. A comprehensive paper and plastic recycling program is in effect throughout the campus. In each hallway, you will notice recycling containers for trash, bottles and cans, and paper. You have the ability to compost your food waste in the café, as well. Food scraps are taken off campus to a composting sight, rather than going into a landfill.

Energy and Water Conservation

LED Lighting - Using higher efficiency lighting helps reduce our energy use.

The air conditioning system is activated by sensors that respond to building occupants, reducing the energy used to heat and cool the building when it is not in use.

The Rain Water Capture system in the parking garage collects rainwater and stores it for us to use on our landscaping.

Dual flush toilets/aeration on sinks saves 40% on potable water use.

Filtered Water Fountains reduce the amount of plastic bottles our campus uses by allowing its visitors to re-fill a drinking bottle with filtered drinking water.


Bridging our community