Students have the opportunity to take courses from other University System of Maryland Institutions offering courses at USG to augment their degree program under the Inter-Institutional Registration (IIR) program, formerly known as Course Sharing. Follow the steps below to register for an IIR Course.

Registration Procedure

  1. Review the IIR Schedule of Classes for available USG Inter-Institutional courses.
  2. Obtain, complete and sign the Inter-Institutional Registration Application.
    1. NOTE: UMBC Students are required to complete the registration process electronically. The form can be accessed here.
  3. Forward application to your USG Program Director for approval and signature to under the Home Institution. 
  4. The Home Program Director should forward the signed form to
  5. USG Academic Scheduling will then collect a signature from the Host Institution Program Director and then submit the fully completed form to the Home Institution Registrar for processing.
  6. The Home Institution Registrar will forward to the Host Institution Registrar. Registration is according to the host institution's policies and deadlines. Fees at the host insitution associated with special courses may be assessed.

Upon completion of the course, the host institution will forward an official transcript to the home institution reflecting the grade(s) earned in the course(s) taken there. The home institution will post the grade(s) to the student's record. A notation that course(s) were taken as part of the Inter-Institutional program, and where the course(s) were taken will appear on the transcript. Course grades will be calculated in the student's grade point average and academic totals at the home institution.