Retired Parent Resource Teacher - ESOL Hispanic Alliance
Montgomery County Public Schools

A former parent resource teacher and ESOL Hispanic alliance with the Montgomery County Public Schools, Teresa has been an original member of the Board of Advisors since 2000 and currently serves on the Student Success Committee and the Board Engagement Committee. 

Her role with the school system enabled her to meet regularly with Latino high school students and their family members to educate them about higher education and career opportunities in the region. She recruited USG students and Montgomery College students to serve as ambassadors to speak with high school students about the advantages of 2+2 (two years at a community college and two years at USG) to obtain a baccalaureate degree. Although Teresa retired she is still actively engaged with helping the underserved students of Montgomery County.

Many of the students who Teresa met would not have been able to attend college unless they could commute to a school in the region. She says USG makes a baccalaureate degree possible for "My" students who need to work while attending college.