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Changes to parking on campus will be implemented for the 2016-2017 Academic Year. Over the years, student enrollment at USG has grown from 2,000 to more than 4,000. The physical campus also continues to grow and soon USG will break ground on a new Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Education (BSE) Facility on Parking Lot 2. New campus buildings, increased student enrollment and increased staff and faculty requirements have highlighted the pressing need to transition from a passive parking program to an active parking program at USG. This will ensure available and predictable parking for the entire campus community.

The USG administration has been working with the newly formed Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) to establish new parking policies and procedures. The CTAC is made up of faculty, staff and student representatives and will continue to serve as a conduit between the USG community and the Executive Director's Office.

Below is a summary of the recent decisions regarding parking rates and assignments that will be implemented for the 2016-2017 Academic Year.

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Employee Parking: Traville Gateway Garage, Shady Grove Garage (overflow parking)

Student Parking: Lot 1, Shady Grove Garage, Traville Gateway Garage (M-F; 5pm-6am & weekends)

Visitor Parking: Traville Gateway Garage, Shady Grove Garage



Annual: $197

Fall/Winter: $99

Spring/Summer: $99

Summer Only: $49

USG Employees and Partner Faculty & Staff

Salary Tier Annual Parking Rate

Tier 1: $0-$25,000 $250

Tier 2: $25,001-50,000 $350

Tier 3: $50,001-75,000 $450

Tier 4: $75,001+ $575

All part-time faculty (tenured and tenure track travelling from the home campus and/or adjunct faculty) will be charged the Tier 1 parking rate.


Weekday (Mon – Fri; 6am – 11pm); $2/hr (Maximum $10/day)

Late Night Weekday (Mon – Fri; 11pm – 6am); $1/hr (Maximum $10/day)

Weekend (Friday 11pm – Monday 6am); $1/hr (Maximum $5/day)


Individuals with state-issued disabled parking identification (permit, placard, license plates, etc.) will be permitted to park in Lot 4 as well as all marked disabled parking spaces outside of gated parking areas. Vehicles found in violation of posted restrictions for disabled parking may be ticketed and towed at the owner's risk and expanse.


Motorcycle and Scooter parking is available in Parking Lot #2 and on the lower level of the Parking Garage, at the north end.


A parking space where electric vehicles can park to re-charge their batteries is locted at the east end of Lot #5 and is marked with a sign. Electric vehicles may use the space for the time necessary to re-charge their batteries. Vehicles parked in this space that are not actively charging their batteries may be towed at the owner's risk and expense.


Bicycles must be parked at provided bicycle racks. Bicycles secured to any other item or left unsecured may be removed at the owner's risk and expense. Secure bicycle racks are provided at:

  • Building I - south side
  • Building II and Traville Gateway Garage - between the structures
  • Building III - southwest corner

A Capital Bikeshare station is located on Traville Gateway Drive at the southwest corner of Building III.


All USG parking lots are lighted after dark. USG does not allow overnight parking. If you'd like a Security escort to or from your car, please see the Security Guard Desk in SG III or call 301-738-6065 and an escort will be provided.

Questions concerning parking should be directed to USG Transportation and Parking Services at usgtransportation@umd.edu.

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