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General, unrestricted parking spaces at USG are available on a first-come, first-served basis, in all four parking lots and in the parking garage. Vehicles parked in spaces that are restricted must have appropriate permits for the spaces they occupy. Restricted spaces include Disabled Spaces, Carpool Spaces, Fuel Efficient Vehicle (FEV) Spaces, Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces, and any other space restricted by sign or other traffic control device (cones, etc.).  Vehicles parked in violation of USG restrictions may be towed at the owner's risk and expense.


Disabled Parking is located in Lot #2, lot #5 and the parking garage. Vehicles found in violation of posted restrictions for disabled parking may be ticketed and towed at the owner's risk and expanse.


Lot #5 and the parking garage contain spaces for registered carpools and fuel efficient vehicles.  Permits are required, at all times, for these preferred and easily accessible parking spaces.  To apply for a Carpool or FEV parking permit, click on the corresponding link (below) and submit your application.  Permits must be renewed in the Fall and Spring Semesters; Spring Semester permits are good for that summer.

Energy Efficient Vehicle



Motorcycle and Scooter parking is available in Parking Lot #2 and on the lower level of the Parking Garage, at the north end.


A parking space where electric vehicles can park to re-charge their batteries is locted at the east end of Lot #5 and is marked with a sign. Electric vehicles may use the space for the time necessary to re-charge their batteries. Vehicles parked in this space that are not actively charging their batteries may be towed at the owner's risk and expense.


Bicycles must be parked at provided bicycle racks.  Bicycles secured to any other item or left unsecured may be removed at the owner's risk and expense.  Secure bicycle racks are provided at:

  • Building I - south side
  • Building II and the Garage - between the structures
  • Building III - south west corner
  • The BikeShare bike rack is located on Traville Gateway Dr. at the south west corner of Building III.


All USG parking lots are lighted after dark.  USG does not allow overnight parking.  If you'd like a Security escort to of from your car, please see the Security Guard Desk in SG III or call 301-738-6065 and an escort will be provided.

Questions concerning parking should be directed to: John Brandt, USG Safety, Security & Transportation Manager, at 301-738-6021 or jbrandt@umd.edu.

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