USG IDs with a Spring 2021 validation sticker will be required for those regularly on campus starting. Anyone who is enrolled in or supporting an on-site course or service should have received an email message from ​ with detailed instructions on obtaining a USG ID and/or Spring 2021 validation sticker. The process will include form and/or photo submission, and notification of how to pick up the ID when it is ready. Students, faculty, and staff members who are not scheduled to have a regular on-site presence can obtain their USG ID number from the USG Logon ID Self-Service portal.

Any faculty or staff members who are teaching or supporting an on-site course or service and have not received an email with instructions should consult their program director or administrator. Current students, faculty, and staff coming on-site for a brief period of time (i.e. pick up purposes) do not need a validated USG ID for the Spring 2021 semester but should carry an appointment confirmation and valid government-issued photo ID whenever on campus. General USG ID inquiries can be sent to


The Universities at Shady Grove (USG) is committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which all persons that participate in USG programs and activities, perform work, or provide services can learn and work together in a safe and secure environment.

To that end, USG with the support of its nine institution partners has implemented a USG ID policy that requires all students’, faculty, and staff to obtain and carry a USG ID card anytime they are on campus.

USG IDs serve as a way to quickly identify students, faculty, and staff safeguarding against inappropriate usage of campus facilities. More importantly, USG ID cards are linked to contact data that can be used to locate and contact members of the USG community should an emergency situation arise. Students, faculty, and staff can stop by the SAS Suite to obtain your USG ID.

Menu of Services that require a valid USG ID Card:

Students, Staff, and Faculty must possess an active USG ID card in order to access the following:

  • Student & Academic Services
    • Center for Academic Success, Center for Student Engagement and Financial Resources, Career & Internship Services, and Center for Counseling and Consultation
  • Office of Information Technology Resources
    • Secure WiFi Access and USG Logon
    • Video and Digital Camera Services
    • Laptop Loan Programs
    • Computer Labs
    • Poster Printing
    • Help Desk Support
  • Campus Resources
    • Bookstore Buyback
    • Library "Night Owls"
    • Self-service Copy
    • Study Rooms Reservations
    • Campus Recreation Center
    • Public Safety Assistance (non-emergency)
    • USG Parking Permits
    • Campus Events/Workshops
    • Proctoring Services
    • USG Veteran's Lounge