Please read through the following questions and answers to make sure you get all of the information you need! 

How can I join student organizations at USG?

Where can I register or re-register my student organization?

Where can I read on student organization procedures, rules and requirements in detail?

Is there a calendar to list and promote my student organization events and activities?

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Why get involved? 
Studies have shown that students involved in student orgs & student life:
1.  Have higher graduation rates.
2. Report higher levels of satisfaction with their college experience.
3. Are more effective in their educational involvement, career planning, lifestyle planning, cultural participation and academic autonomy.
4. Develop effective interpersonal relationship skills.
5. Develop increased self-confidence and tolerance of and acceptance for other people.

What are some of the benefits that student orgs have on campus? 
1. Room and space reservations on campus
2. Funding for your organization
3. Marketing services for events and activities
4. Recruitment and recognition opportunities

Don't see something that meets your interests?
No problem! You can create a new student organization and we will help you every step of the way! Please make an appointment with CSEF!

Do student orgs ever get together to celebrate and be recognized for all of the hard work they've done throughout the year?
Absolutely! We get together in the spring at the Engagement Awards, where we and recognize all of the student orgs and individuals that have made a positive impact on the USG community & beyond.  Students get to dress up, and after the awards ceremony is done everyone gets to party the night away with a DJ, food, and a sense of accomplishment! We look forward to celebrating with YOU in 2022!

If you have additional questions, please make an appointment with a CSEF coordinator.