USG Student Council
The USG Student Council was established in 2002 to serve as an advocate for the USG student body. It strives to provide a forum for students to voice their concerns and to facilitate the undertaking of improvements to enhance the USG student experience in accordance with the USG Student Council Handbook. Members meet on a regular basis and engage in activities to better USG, such as Town Halls, community service projects, student life activities and more. 

To serve as a student advocacy and advisory group which acts as a liaison between the students and administration of USG to communicate on behalf of the undergraduate student population. The group also serves to identify and engage in activities which enhance the student experience and are supportive of the USG community at large.

The USG Student Council (SC) is comprised of 16 Undergraduate Institutional Representatives. Each institution hosting an undergraduate program at USG has two elected Institutional Representative (IR) seats on the SC. Every spring semester, the SC holds elections, in accordance with the USG Election Guidelines, to elect institutional representatives by the majority vote of their peers. To be included on the ballot each candidate must complete a Candidate application by the published deadline (applications for 22-23 academic year are due 4/9/22). Elected SC members will serve on the SC for a one year term the following academic year.

Once the new IRs are elected incoming members will hold internal nominations and vote on the Executive Board. Members who are interested in an executive board position will have an opportunity to declare their candidacy to the rest of the Council either in person or in writing prior to the official vote. One representative from the Executive Board (typically the President ) serves as voting members of the USM-Student Council along with a member of the Graduate Student Association. 


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