Grover Essentials will not be open until further notice.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, USG buildings will not be open until further notice and Grover Essentials will not be able to serve customers at this time. In addition, the Mobile Market has been canceled.

Grover Essentials operation will resume when on-site facilities reopen at USG and when it is determined that all customers can be served safely. We know that food insecurity concerns remain a challenge to many members of the USG community and may become exacerbated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For that reason, we have compiled a list of various local food insecurity resources that may be able to help if you cannot find or afford safe and healthy food or other essentials. For more information visit the Resources During COVID-19 Crisis. 

If you have any questions and/or need further assistance with any resources please sign-up for a Virtual Appointment Monday - Friday from 9-5pm. 

The Grover Essentials team wishes you the best during these challenging times.


Welcome to USG Grover Essentials 

USG recognizes that food insecurity and hunger is prevalent on college campuses and can have a negative impact on physical, mental, and emotional health. For that reason, USG has developed an on-site resource to increase food access and promote wellness at USG. Grover Essentials was opened at the end of August 2018 to provide supplemental food and basic necessities that we hope will contribute to the well-being and success of our community.

Who can use Grover Essentials?
All members of the USG Community with a valid USG ID are welcome to visit Grover Essentials on a weekly basis. Grover Essentials is located within the SAS Suite, First floor of building III, and is available during SAS office hours.
How does it work?
Check in at the CSEF front desk as you would for all other CSEF services. First-time visitors will be asked to complete an anonymous intake form and sign a liability waiver. After you are done with your visit your food items will be weighed and you will be asked to complete a voluntary satisfaction survey. Please bring a reusable bag.
What type of items can I expect to find in Grover Essentials?
Grover Essentials makes every effort to always have stock of the following- quick snacks, cereal, cooking staples (salt, sugar, beans), peanut butter, jelly, cereal, dry pasta, canned veggies, and fruits. In addition, we have a rotating supply of baby and toiletry items.
Grover Essentials
Where do the items in Grover Essentials come from?
USG Grover Essentials has a partnership with Manna Food Distribution Center, where they provide an ongoing supply of shelf safe items on a weekly basis.    
Can I donate to Grover Essentials?
Yes, toiletry (soap, lotion, feminine pads and tampons, toothpaste, shampoo etc.) and baby items (wipes, lotion, diapers, formula etc. ), as well as reusable bags and cleaning wipes, are always useful. These items can be brought to the Front Desk of the SAS Suite in Building III during the office hours listed on the sidebar. For more information, to coordinate a drive or large drop-off, or to request a different drop off day/time please email
Is there a "Wanted List" for donation items? 
Yes! Here is the list of items that are in high demand:

Feminine Pads, Tampons, Shampoo, Deodorant (for both males and females), Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Baby Wipes, Baby Lotion and Diapers (preferred sizes 2, 3, and 4). We also take reusable bags and cleaning supplies (laundry detergent & Clorox wipes). 

Where can I find out more information on food and community resources?
For more information please check out the food assistance section of the Community Resource page. 
Is food that is past the best by date safe to eat?
In general yes, please see the key below to better understand some of the food terminology and meaning:
  • Use-By: This label is aimed at consumers as a directive of the date by which the product should be eaten; mostly because of quality, not because the item will necessarily make you sick if eaten after the use-by date. 
  • Best-By: This is a suggestion to the consumer on which date the product should be consumed to assure for ideal quality.
  • Sell-By: This label is aimed at retailers, and it informs them of the date by which the product should be sold or removed from shelf life. This does not mean that the product is unsafe to consume after the date. 
    • Canned tomatoes & tomato sauce (high-acid foods) can last up to 18 months after the use by date, best by date and sell by dates. 
    • Canned vegetables such as corn and green beans (low-acid foods) can last up to 5 years after the use by date, best by date and sell by dates.