COVID-19 Update 

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, USG is continuing to provide services remotely.  While the campus building will not be open during this time, USG staff are teleworking and providing access to services remotely until on-site facilities are reopened.  

Our partner universities that offer programs at USG are preparing for transition to the delivery of all course instruction through remote/online platforms. Students at USG should be in direct touch with their faculty and program directors from their home universities about their remote/instruction during this time. Meanwhile, USG’s Student and Academic (SAS) Centers will also be providing students with support services through various remote/online delivery formats.

Until the campus re-opens physically and in-person classes resume, the following is an update on the status of the services provided by the Career Experience Opportunities (CEO) Program.

Career Experience Opportunities (CEO) students:

Career Coaching will be provided via WebEx, google hangouts, or phone for students in the CEO cohort. Students can schedule appointments at the following link:

What is the CEO Program?

The Career Experience Opportunities (CEO) program was established in October 2014 through an agreement between the HESS Foundation and The Universities at Shady Grove (USG), Montgomery College (MC), and Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS).

The CEO Program is made up of self-selected students from 10 high schools throughout Montgomery County, Maryland. Students from each high school are participants in the Achieving Collegiate Excellence & Success (ACES) program.

CEO is a five year progression for students who plan to follow the Montgomery College Public Schools (MCPS) to Montgomery College (MC) to the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) academic pathway, within Montgomery County, Maryland.

CEO is designed to provide students the knowledge, skills and experience to be career-ready when they graduate college. The CEO program combines classroom studies and work skills development with career experiences, such as job shadowing and internships related to a student's prospective field of study, as they work towards a bachelor’s degree.

Throughout the five year program, students will work under the guidance of a career coach who will help them identify interests, customize an academic and career pathway, and assist in finding opportunities to gain the experience needed to land a job after college.

The Career Experience Opportunities (CEO) program has been made possible through a leadership gift from the HESS Foundation.

CEO students

Mission of the CEO Program

The Career Experience Opportunities Program is a collaborative effort by Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), Montgomery College (MC), the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) and the business community, to build a qualified and work-ready pool of talent for the region's growing industries and organizations.

Our mission is to engage high school students in a five-year progressive program that will give them experiential opportunities and coaching to build career readiness skills that will enable success in their chosen field of interest.

How CEO Works

CEO Steps