Bystander Training for Students, Faculty, and Staff


Have you ever observed someone in distress, perhaps a friend, perhaps a stranger, and wished you knew how you could help? How you could approach them without upsetting them more? How you could help them find the resources they need?

The Center for Counseling and Consultation, in conjunction with Kognito, is now offering a set of online simulations to help you learn and practice listening and intervention skills. You no longer have to feel helpless when others are in need. The Center is providing one set of bystander trainings tailored specifically to faculty/staff, and a separate set for students. Each set of trainings covers three areas: 1) how to help students who are at-risk (e.g., anxious, depressed, suicidal), 2) help those dealing with LGBTQ issues, and 3) help student veterans. By engaging in informative online simulations with avatars, you can develop and enhance your skills in a safe, non-threatening virtual environment.  Use the links below to get started!