"Hey, Grover!" 


Struggling in classes?? ... Trouble getting along with your significant other?? ... Can't find out what you need?


"Hey, Grover!" is available to answer your questions on topics such as stress, relationships, drugs and alcohol, academic and career concerns, campus resources, and much, much more!


If you've been at USG any length of time, you probably know about Grover, the campus' unofficial mascot and favorite llama. What you probably didn't know is that Grover has now been hired by the Center for Counseling and Consultation. Grover's taken up residence in Grover's Corner, a secret, undisclosed location (don't bother trying to find it - Grover's a master of deception!), and is staffing an online Question-and-Answer service, entitled "Hey, Grover!." The Center was lucky to hire Grover, or more officially Grover D. Llama, M.A.K. (Master of All Knowledge), to join the team. Grover studied extensively at the finest schools in South America before moving to the US to establish a career as a Know-It-All. Grover is happy to help the campus community (and others) with their concerns, especially in these uncertain times.

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How It Works

"Hey, Grover!" operates as a question-and-answer forum for the campus. People (such as yourself!) e-mail questions they may have regarding counseling issues or general campus information. Unless otherwise requested, these questions and their responses will be posted every week on this website. As the forum gets rolling, responses to previous weeks' questions will also be available. The person writing in will get a direct response within a week, as well. All communications are confidential. Names and locations will be disguised either by you or by Grover.. Check back periodically to see the latest in Grover's mailbag! If you have a problem that just can't wait, call the Center for Counseling and Consultation (301-738-6273) or request an appointment at shadygrove.titaniumhwc.com.

Let's Get Going

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