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Top Ten Ways to Foster
a Culture of Care

  1. Hold the door for the person behind you.
  2. Participate in events on campus that celebrate diversity.
  3. Make your work space a reflection of what makes you happy.
  4. Participate in USG initiatives for giving back.
  5. If you notice a shift in someone’s behavior, don’t ignore. Inquire, listen, refer.
  6. Smile as you walk around campus. Especially if you don’t feel like it.
  7. Take the time to ask others about their traditions and cultural backgrounds.
  8. Have lunch on the quad. Shoot hoops on the basketball court. Take a break by the herb garden. Use USG’s abundance of spaces to enhance your day.
  9. Recognize the efforts of others and share your appreciation. “I like your sweater” is nice, but “I’m impressed by your dedication” is even better.
  10. Tell yourself “I am enough” every day. Starting now.




Vision Statement

The goal of the Culture of Care Network (CCN) is the establishment of a campus environment in which each member, whether student, faculty, or staff, is concerned about and looks out for the welfare of each other member.

Mission Statement

The Culture of Care Network (CCN) seeks to create a campus community that actively fosters and supports inclusiveness and empathy, advocates for the wellbeing and welfare of each other, and affirms and celebrates the human connection between all individuals.  Through behavioral change, bystander intervention, outreach, and awareness, the CCN promotes cultural empathy, physical wellbeing, mental health awareness, empowerment, compassion, and respect.

CCN Objectives

  1. USG community members (students, faculty, and staff) will act more regularly to support and enhance the well-being of other campus members, individually or as a whole.
  2. The USG campus and its members will provide a welcoming and accepting environment for all persons, regardless of demographics, physical attributes, beliefs, or preferences.
  3. The USG campus will become a more positive and joyful place to work, study, and interact with others.
  4. Whether formally or informally, the large proportion of USG community members will, through their attitudes, beliefs, and actions, feel they a meaningful part of the Culture of Care Network, and USG as a whole.



The Culture of Care Network is organized at several levels.

Large Group

The Large Group is the entire active membership of the Network, which meets 1-2 times per semester to review CCN efforts, discuss logistical issues,  and determine future direction for the Network as a whole.  The Large Group involves members of the USG staff, staff and faculty from the partner campuses, and students currently taking classes at USG.

Project Groups

The CCN Project Groups are where the primary work of the Network takes place. The Project Groups engage in various activities to benefit the USG campus, including creating and offering presentations/workshops, engaging students in self-care, promoting a sense of wellness and mental health on the campus, and increasing respect and tolerance for all members of the USGcommunity.  In addition to the the Project Groups, there exists a Coordinating Group consisting of six permanent members and the current Project Group leaders.  The purpose of the Coordinating Group is to ensure all CCN members are aware of the efforts of the rest of the Network and to coordinate activities to ensure optimal timing and minimize overlap of efforts.

USG Campus

The final level of the CCN is the USG campus as a whole.  While the CCN was started by an interested group of campus members, a major goal of the group is to join and collaborate with other individuals, offices, groups, and organizations at USG to promote the CCN's mission.  The decision to name ourselves a Network, rather than a committee or taskforce, or other exclusive group, was intentional, and to specifically indicate the idea of a non-hierarchical, somewhat loosely structured, living entity whose ideas will hopefully spread and take hold throughout the campus.  All campus members and organizations are welcome to formally or informally join (or join with) the Culture of Care Network and help promote its fundamental message: USG Cares!