Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM)


The Macklin Center for Academic Success provides programs and learning support services for students pursuing STEMM degrees  through partner institutions at USG. 




Guided Study Sessions (GSS)

Take a proactive approach to your coursework: if you start your semester in Guided Study Sessions (GSS), you can more easily stay on top of the course material and requirements, rather than waiting until challenges come up or you get behind. GSS:

  • Are small study groups formed for difficult courses.
  • Are led by a student/peer who has advanced knowledge of how to succeed in the course.
  • Teach you basic study skills along with new material. You not only learn the material, but learn skills you can take with you into other courses.

Receive assistance with challenging course content. MCAS can facilitate the process of finding a tutor for certain classes based on student demand and tutor availablity.

Stat and Research Methods

MCAS provides one on one support to students studying research methods and statistics. Have a breakthrough in these notoriously challenging courses by accessing the support you need!

Visit us to enhance your skills on the following topics:

  • Statistical Analyses (t-test, ANOVA, Regression)
  • Research Methods (experimental design, sampling)
  • Statistical Software (SPSS, R, SAS, Excel)
  • Additional math related topics as needed"

To make an Appointment:

  • Visit WCOnline and select the Stats and Research Methods calendar 
  • Call CAS at 301-738-6315
  • Email
  • Stop by CAS in the Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Building, 1st Floor Suite 1322
Academic Coaching

MCAS offers one-on-one academic coaching for STEMM students. We support you to achieve your academic dreams through personalized coaching sessions. 

STEMM Success Path Ways

MCAT Peer-Led Review

I was not able to attend in person but the online format really helped.