Stats and Research Methods appointments have moved on-line and all in-person meetings have been temporarily suspended. Our on-line appointments are held using our system’s built-in chatroom. For students needing assistance with the services listed below, please visit select Statistics and Research Methods, then a time that works for you. 


CAS provides one on one support to students studying research methods and statistics. Have a breakthrough in these notoriously challenging courses by accessing the support you need!

Visit us to enhance your skills on the following topics:

  • Statistical Analyses (t-test, ANOVA, Regression)
  • Research Methods (experimental design, sampling)
  • Statistical Software (SPSS, SAS, Excel)
  • Additional math related topics as needed

Drop-In Support:

  • There is no drop-in support at this time. All meetings are by appointment only.

To make an Appointment:

  • Visit WCOnline and select the Stats and Research Methods calendar 
  • Call CAS at 301-738-6315
  • Email
  • Stop by CAS in the Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Building, 1st Floor Suite 1322