Have a Student with Testing Accommodations? 

Faculty are legally required to provide testing accommodations listed on students’ official accommodation letters while protecting students’ confidentiality. 

Confirm your student's appointment

  • Students with testing accommodations request to take an exam with CAS via the online student test request form five days prior to their exam. After submission of this form, faculty are sent a confirmation of the request via the email students provide for them.
  • Once a student requests test proctoring, faculty should complete the faculty test request form, which indicates their approval of the students’ requested date and time and provides CAS with specific instructions for test administration.
  • Hand-deliver or e-mail (usg-disAbility@umd.edu) the exam at least 2 days prior to the student’s test proctoring appointment.
  • You may pick up the exam in the CAS office, or CAS will return the exam to your office or mailbox (include location on the faculty test request form).


Contact usg-disAbility@umd.edu for any questions or concerns regarding testing.