Having trouble keeping up in class? Feeling the pressure of that upcoming exam? Having a hard time cramming in all that reading, and feeling like you're not getting anything out of it? Make an appointment today by using our appointment systemAll sessions are confidential!


The Macklin Center for Academic Success offers comprehensive services to help students meet their personal and academic goals.

Services include:

Study Strategies   Tutoring/Group Study    Individual Coaching      Workshops

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Time Management

Learn how to develop a schedule that includes your courses, work, review sessions and still have time for self-care. A well developed schedule helps you stay on top of your coursework and maintain balance. Make an individual coaching appointment to work with a staff member to develop your schedule.


Study Strategies

Discover brain-based methods for retaining information. Make an individual coaching appointment with a staff member to determine the strategies that work best for you or attend one of our scheduled workshops.


Test Taking Strategies

Learn proven skills for maximum effectiveness on quizzes and exams.