USG is proud to present two co-curricular programs: the USGLeads Emerging Leadership Program, and the USGLeads Expanding Leadership Program. Both programs are open to all students at USG (undergraduate and graduate). You must have completed the Emerging Leadership Program in order to register for the Expanding Leadership Program. Check out the video in the "Media" section below for an overview!


Apply for the USGLeads Emerging Leadership Program

Apply for the USGLeads Expanding Leadership Program

What Is USGLeads?

USGLeads is a self-paced, fully online program where you will learn how to strengthen your leadership abilities. The program is separated into two levels: Emerging and Expanding. Each level contains 4-5 modules plus a culminating activity. Each module requires you to complete assignment, activity, and reflection components through the lens of student leadership theory. There is no cost for this program, including the textbook. Continue reading below for more information about benefits, timelines, and modules.



  1. Completion of these programs will enable you to stand out among your peers when applying for jobs. You will develop marketable career readiness skills that are in demand by employers. Once you have completed the program, you can list the accomplishment on your resume and LinkedIn Profile (under Honors and Awards). You will also receive a recommendation for your LinkedIn Profile.
  2. You will earn and receive a gift from USG. You will also receive special recognition at the USG Student Engagement Awards and an acknowledgment of completion certificate.
  3. Self-paced program. We know that you are busy! Many of the activities are related to things you are probably already doing!
  4. Learn about different leadership styles (based on Student Leadership Theory). You will be asked to develop your personal leadership philosophy and learn what it means to be a leader for you.
  5. Priority registration for USGLeads Presents workshops.



  • Students have until they graduate USG to complete a level.
  • It takes about 6-8 hours per semester to complete each level (over 2 semesters).
  • Space is limited: apply today!


Program Outline: Emerging Leadership Program

Each module is composed of an assignment, action, and reflection.

  • Leadership Foundations: Gain exposure to a variety of leadership styles by watching and critically evaluating 3 TedTalk videos.
  • Learning from Others: Participate in a community activity that inspires leadership development, and compare it to a leader on a reality television show.
  • Leading the Self: Explore your personal/professional leadership goals.
  • Leading Others: Utilize the skills you learned throughout the program by leading your peers and/or community members.
  • Personal Statement on Leadership:  Reflect upon what you have learned about leadership, yourself as a leader, and what this process has taught you.


Program Outline: Expanding Leadership Program

You must complete the Emerging Leadership Program prior to beginning this program. Each module is composed of an assignment, action, and reflection.

  • Models of Ethical Leadership: Critically reflect upon leadership models that most closely align with your ethics and values.
  • Interacting in Groups: Analyze a leader in practice.
  • Understanding Change: Pause and take a personal inventory. How comfortable are you in moving from the known into the unknown?
  • Strategies for Change: Synthesize what you have learned by sharing "stories" with one of your peers.
  • Community Leadership: Demonstrate the leadership skills that you have developed thus far via a community leadership project.
  • Presentation on Leadership: Present your personal leadership journey.
Earning the badge is a source of pride and accomplishment. I appreciated participating in the program.
Program participant