Tuition Reimbursement Requests for Non-USM Institutions

Human Resources | Approved December 2018

  1. Purpose and Applicability
    The purpose of this process is to provide clarity in the reimbursement of tuition for courses offered at non-USM institutions. The University extends the benefits of tuition reimbursement to employees who seek to further their educational goals at a non-USM institution. The policy on tuition reimbursement can be found at USM Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures of the Board of Regents VII-4.10, section IV.

  2. Definitions
  • Regular Employee: a person employed by USM or a USM institution who is assigned to a State budget line or who is otherwise eligible to enroll in a State retirement system. Examples of categories NOT considered regular employees are graduate students, contingent employees, and independent contractors. 
  • CPB: Central Payroll Bureau
  • AP: Accounts Payable College Park
  • UHR: University Human Resources
  • CFO: Chief Financial Officer
  • COO: Chief Operating Officer

 III. Procedure

  1. Employee seeks approval from their Department Head or Division Chief to enroll at a course offered at a non-USM Institution. The employees Department Head and Division Chief:
  • Determines a specific course is job-related and will contribute to the employee's job performance;
  • Confirms that the course is not available at any USM or reciprocal institution;
  • Confirms operations and resources permit the employee's enrollment in and reimbursement for the course
  1. Employee enrolls for course (s) and pays all applicable tuition.
  2. Once approved by the Department Head and Division Chief a letter requesting approval for reimbursement is forwarded to the USG Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer for final approval. The COO/CFO forwards to the Assistant VP of University Human Resources (UMCP). This approval must be obtained prior to the first class meeting. Advance approval from the AVP is required in order for the employee to receive reimbursement for the course.
  3. Upon successful completion of the course, the employee shall submit a request for reimbursement, documenting the tuition amount to be reimbursed and the employee's receipt of a grade "C" or better in the course (transcript). The employee provides a copy of the payment form (credit card or check), a copy of their W9, and a copy of the approval letter (with AVP signature) to the USG Business Office. 
  4. The USG Business Office creates a disbursement voucher which is forwarded to Accounts Payable (AP) to then be routed to the Comptrollers Office in Annapolis. 
  5. The employee receives a check. Payment will be issues via check mailed directly to the employee. Employee will receive payment in approximately 30 days.