Who Can Attend
Prospective Students
Online (Zoom)
Thursday, October 13, 2022 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Stop by for information about On TRAC to Transfer and/or the USG Transfer Access Programs!



  • On-demand introduction to the USG Transfer Readiness Zones and USG Career Competencies
  • Create a personalized transfer success plan that you can use to guide you through transferring and career success
  • Bonus live sessions offer opportunities to begin to implement your plan while engaging with USG students and staff and 

Open to all community college students


  • Pre-transfer readiness programs that offer continual support/development in the following areas
    • Transfer Admissions Readiness
    • Academic Readiness
    • Career Readiness 
    • Personal Success
  •  Consistent, individual pre-transfer advising with  your intended major
  • Opportunities to participate in USG events and activities that will build your transfer readiness skills

If you complete the On TRAC to Transfer program, TAP is the perfect opportunity to turn your plan into action!

Open to students interested in transferring to the following institutions at USG

If you are currently attending MC or FCC*, will still be attending MC or FCC* in Spring 2023, and are looking to transfer to a major offered by one of the universities* listed above, you may be eligible to join TAP!

*FCC students are only eligible to join Terp Transfer Partnership. 

If you are planning to transfer to USG in Spring 2023, please schedule an appointment with the USG Senior Recruitment Coordinator.

Contact Information
Marcie Povitsky, marcie@umd.edu