Course Reserves Scanning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Access to Course Reserves

During Priddy Library's closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, access to our Course Reserves (textbooks and other mandatory and recommended readings for courses taught at USG) is restricted. 

Students can request appointments to use our Bookeye scanner - temporarily relocated to the computer lab in building III, room 2139 - and specific titles, so they can digitize selections for personal, educational use.

User Eligibility

  • Service available to students with a valid USG user login
    • Campus visitors must complete the USG Community Responsibility Pledge
    • Campus visitors must have tested negative for COVID-19 per their home institution's testing requirements, and demonstrated no symptoms for at least 14 days prior to visiting

Item Eligibility

  • Course Reserves from the Priddy Library collection not on loan
    • Books are unavailabile for a minimum quarantine period of 48 hours after use
    • Uncertain if Priddy Library owns a specific title?  E-mail us at with the details, and we'll check!
  • Requested books are available for the duration of the appointment
    • Additional appointment requests may be scheduled with a book for after the quarantine period

Scheduling Requests

  • Appointments typically available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
  • All reservation requests are made through the USG Web EMS system
  • One reservation, up to 2 hours long, per student, per day
    • If you are unable to complete your scanning in the time allotted, you will need to request an appointment on another day through Web EMS.
  • Reservation requests must be made at least 1 business day in advance, and no more than 5 business days in advance

The Morning of Your Confirmed Appointment

  • The morning of your appointment, you will receive an e-mail with a link to submit your public health information
    • You must include the date of your most recent COVID-19 test (negative)
    • You will also answer several screening questions to confirm your eligibility to visit campus
  • This health screening must be completed prior to visiting campus

Your Appointment

  • When you arrive at campus, you will have to check in at the Security Desk with your USG ID
    • You must adhere to all posted health/safety protocols, including wearing a mask at all times and remaining at least 6 feet apart from all others
  • Then call the library main desk at 301-738-6020
    • A library employee will set your requested book/s on the bench to the side of the library entrance
  • Take your book/s and proceed to the Office of Information Technology (OIT) on the 2nd floor
    • The scanner and and a cart with sanitizing supplies are located in the lab directly across from the OIT help desk: Room 2139
  • For assistance with scanning, visit our Bookeye Scanning Tips page
  • Please wipe down the surfaces of the scanner you touched with a sanitizing wipe after you have finished
  • Return all books to the bench next to the library entrance and call us at 301-738-6020 to us know you're done
  • Exit the building, and leave campus normally