Virtual Study Room at Priddy Library

With Priddy Library's Virtual Study Room, you can enjoy the focused atmosphere of work along side your fellow USG students. Drop in any time during our listed virtual study room hours.


Spring 2021 Viritual Study Room hours are:

What to expect

  • A library employee will greet you in Zoom's chat box and ask what you are working on. You don't need to share if you don't want, but declaring something specific to work on keeps you on task!
  • The library employee will check in on you occasionally via chat to ask how your work is going and if you need any help
  • You have the option to show your face, which can keep you at the computer and focused, but this is totally optional. Your microphone will remain muted for the duration of the meeting
  • The Zoom window will show a variety of images in a slideshow, including images of your favorite study spots at Priddy Library
  • Instrumental music will be coming from the Zoom window. You can disconnet audio from zoom if you prefer silence
  • You do not need to stay for the whole session, simply drop in when you want to study and leave when you're done for the day.