The Employee Recognition Program seeks to recognize USG staff and partners, and to help staff recognize each other for the good work that's done around campus that might not always get noticed, or recieve the attention and recognition it deserves.  We encourage you to use this program to help highlight interesting and important projects, collaborations and activities that you see on a day-to-day basis. 

Peer to Peer Award

Who can nominate?  Anyone.

Nomination requirements: A brief description acknowledging the accomplishment/task/project.

Who can be nominated: Any USG staff person/partner/vendor.

Review of nominations: None.

What the recipient gets: A printed certificate.

Who is notified? The employee’s immediate supervisor and respective Senior Staff member. 

Frequency:  A person can nominate the same person once per semester (Summer, Fall, Winter); nominations can commence immediately!

Special features: The names of the awardees will be prominently posted outside the HR office for that term.  The person(s) who receive the most peer acknowledgements throughout the year will get a prize.  

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Spotlight Award

Who can nominate? Anyone.

Nomination requirements: A detailed description of a project or other significant contribution.

Who can be nominated? Any USG staff person or a team that includes a USG staff person. 

Review of nominations: Award committee organized by the Executive Director’s office.

What every recipient gets:

  • A highlighted profile on the website
  • A prize package
  • A framed letter from Stew

Who is notified?  The employee and his/her immediate supervisor and respective Senior Staff member.  If an individual or team is nominated and not chosen, HR will send the employee/or team of employees a certificate of appreciation. This would also be announced on all USG sponsored social media accounts.

Frequency: Once a semester (Fall/Spring), to commence Fall of 2015.

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USG Board of Advisors Kendall Service Awards

7Given every spring by the USG Board of Advisors, there are three Kendall Awards: The Outstanding Service to Students, the Program Director of the Year, and the Excellence in Teaching Award. All three awards are announced at the Student Achievement and Leadership Breakfast. The awards are selected by the board and a nominating committee made up of previous winners, Board members, and students. Selections are made based on eligibility requirements set forth by the Board. To learn about these awards and past winners, please visit