As the Universities at Shady Grove continues to grow, our Safety and Security Office endeavors to maintain a safe and secure community for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Being informed of incidents that occur on the campus allows the Safety and Security Office to respond appropriately. Collecting and studying statistics and information on incidents, vehicle crashes, and injuries that occur on campus allows us to improve safety and security for everyone.

For most significant incidents, USG security personnel will complete and submit an incident report to the USG Public Safety Office.  No one from USG's partner institutions is required to complete this USG report, but USG can be better served if incidents are reported and anyone can submit these USG reports.  Please note that these reports assist USG in the collection of statistics, but the Montgomery County Police Department does NOT accept them as police reports. In any instance where a police report is critical for insurance purposes or where criminal investigation might become necessary, we encourage you to contact the Montgomery County Police, directly.  

When you’ve completed your report, there is a “SEND” button at the bottom. When you click on “SEND,” you report will be generated as a PDF attached to a pre-addressed email ( When you send that email, the Safety and Security Office will receive your report.

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 USG Miscellaneous Incident Report Form

USG Vehicle Crash Report Form

 USG Injury Report Form (See note, below)

Note: The USG Injury Report Form is is NOT a First Report of Injury for Human Resources for any of USG's partner institutions.  In any case where an employee of any of any partner institutions at USG is injured, a First Report of Injury must be completed through the Human Resources Office of their home campus.  A First Report of Injury MUST be submitted to your home institution's Human Resources Office or your ability to receive Worker's Compensation benefits may be impaired.