Universal Waste

Universal waste is a hazardous waste stream. The State of Maryland defines universal waste items as:

  • Lamps, including fluorescent bulbs and tubes 
  • All batteries 
  • Pesticides that are part of a recall or collection program
  • Mercury containing equipment
  • Fluorescent light ballasts that contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) 

Additionally, items containing hydraulic oil like door closers can be disposed of through the universal waste stream.

The EHS Unit maintains a universal waste disposal program where items fitting these criteria are collected on the USG campus and disposed of in the appropriate waste stream. If you have universal waste items that need to be disposed of, contact EHS.  

Although aerosol cans are classified as a universal waste in some states, Maryland is not one of them. At USG aerosol cans can be properly disposed of through our chemical waste management system.