General Information

BioRAFT is a web-based safety management platform that USG uses to assist faculty and their program team in managing safety related matters in teaching laboratories. This platform centralizes general hazard identification, safety training, Institutional Biosafety Committee protocol submission, member job activities, and safety inspections. This platform streamlines compliance, and access to training documents, by allowing both laboratories and EHS to manage safety through a single portal. 

All teaching laboratories are required to register in BioRAFT and faculty, lecturers, laboratory managers, teaching assistants, and graduate assistants that are associated with the laboratory must be registered in BioRAFT and listed as members on their laboratory’s page. Pages should be updated annually, or when the nature of teaching activities or personnel change.

What Else Can BioRAFT Do?

The BioRAFT platform has various capabilities and modules to assist in managing laboratories and facilities in general. Some of the modules that are currently being evaluated for the USG campus are the hazard signage module, safety data sheet module, laboratory equipment module, and facilities management module.

Logging into BioRAFT

Those that are in the UMD BioRAFT system at their partner university should login using their regular university credentials. This will be primarily for University of Maryland College Park faculty and students. If your credentials have expired, you need to reset your password.

If you do not already have a UMD BioRAFT account or are from a USG partner institution that doesn’t use BioRAFT, the EHS Unit will provide you with a temporary account that will give you access during your time at USG. To setup a temporary account, visit the BioRAFT login page and select “Click here for other access methods” found on the left side of the page. Once EHS sets up an account for you, BioRAFT will send you an email with specifics on how to access your account.