Mission Statement

To create a positive environment that promotes and enhances the learning experience for students, promotes a positive, instructional atmosphere for academic staff, a clean and safe working facility for staff and all visitors that might have the occasion to use our Auxiliary Services.

Work Requests

To create a work request: 

  1. Go to the USG Facilities Work Request Website
  2. Enter an email address to track work request progress.
  3. Fill in the information in sequence (top to bottom); items in bold text must be filled in.
  4. NOTE: The Asset field will identify generic groups associated with one of the buildings. To be more specific about your problem, you may enter the information in the Location or Description boxes. 
  5. When you have entered all of the necessary information click the "Create Request" button to submit your request and log out.

To check the status of your request:

  1. Go to the USG Facilities Work Request Website
  2. Enter the same email address used for the initial request
  3. Click the "View Status" link on the left side menu
  4. All updates will be seen in the comments section of work request

Facilities Customer Survey

To help the Facilities Management Department improve, please feel free to fill out the USG Facilities Customer Survey

Facilities Hotline

Our FM Help Desk can be reached at 301-738-6366 If you are using a campus phone, please dial x6366