At USG, you're part of something special

As you go forward into your career, we hope you will remember your time at USG and be inspired to make a difference in the lives of future students. As an alumni of one of the nine partner universities at USG, you are welcome to participate in engagement events,  volunteering opportunities, and proffesional development initiatives. You will be given the opportunity to stay connected to the USG campus and your home institution through various community service events, networking and professional development opportunities and collaborative events with our partner universities. As we work on expanding our efforts,  we encourage you to stay connected to your home institution through regional engagement activities.

Here's how you can remain a part of the community long after you graduate:
  • Volunteer to mentor a student
  • Connect with your university's alumni association
  • Attend USG community and partner institution alumni events
  • Be considered for USG and partner institution program speaking engagements
  • Utilize on-campus career services
  • Support scholarship initiatives

Become an Alumni Ambassador at USG

Stay Connected. Expand your horizons. Give Back



USG was a great environment to meet driven individuals that strive for success
Eyvonnka Rizkallah UMD '17